5 Casual Outfits Perfect For You To Update Your Weekend Casual Looks

Hello pretty! The weekend is imminent and just in one, two, or three days, you may not want to hold on again to your formal looks for the brief weekend break and holiday.

Enough of the office look that you have submitted to throughout the week and now is the time you get to relieve yourself of some necessary and wardrobe office basics like a blazer, belt, office suits, and more. Before then, we should let you understand the difference between a casual and a formal look.

A casual look is identified by what the kinds of wears you combine and how you pair them. Most of the time, it is a kind of look that makes you relaxed and feel more comfortable. As for a formal look, it is a kind of look that mandates the way you combine your wear. In this case, most times, to get a formal look just the way you want it, it requires that you kit up, add necessary accessories, and wears outfits In a strictly formal way.

So, when the weekend is near such as days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can start to relieve yourself from the formal look and feel relaxed to wear some pretty casual outfits that will look good on you. To update your casual look, below are 5 casual outfits you should rely on.

1) Shorts

Shorts are generally simple to wear and no matter what they are, they make you feel relaxed. A short could be either denim or leather.

2) Tops/Tees


These are compulsory for you to complement your shorts and others like trousers.

3) Denim Wears

It is necessary to have denim wear if you want to update your casual looks. Your denim apparel could be a jean, a shirt, or a jacket.

4) Joggers

This mainly looks like sportswear but then it is easy to wear and you can easily pair it with one of your tees, tops, and Tank tops.

5) Ankara Wears

For the weekend look, Ankara is also a perfect outfit. So all you have to do is to complement your Ankara wear with your slippers or sandals.

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