5 Fashion Mistakes Every Lady Should Avoid This 2021

Fashion is sweet and at the same time vapid when you are not getting it right. Sometimes, you may feel like you should wear a particular outfit on another outfit but on getting to your mirror stand, you start to doubt if what you wear is good or not. It could also be your relatives that just looked at you and said “Oh no, something is wrong.” This is when you start getting weary of looking damn good. This happens very well to almost every fashion lover. Also, fashion mistakes may not come from only the pairing aspect but also the buying aspect which you have to take note of.

Every Fashion Mistakes Ladies Should Know

To curb the degree of fashion mistakes, we have come inconclusive to unleash five mistakes that not just fashion lovers make but also style bloggers or fashion icons make do. However, here are the five we could come up with for now.

1) Fashion Mistake: Do Not Buy A Short Blazer

fashion mistakes

As a fashion lover and one who is used to reading fashion content, I am certain you should be aware that a blazer is one of the wardrobe essentials that one should have. However, we have noticed that not all blazers fit that fashion look you want to look. For instance, the short blazer.

Whenever you get to the market, or you want to buy a blazer online, make sure you take note of the length. This is how you can make it look super good on you. When a blazer is too short for you, it doesn’t give you the look you want. Even if it is not an oversized blazer, bit a fitted blazer, just make sure that the length is long enough.

2) Do Not Wear Heels And Still Regard Your Outfits As Casual

fashion mistakes

This mistake is so common to style bloggers. Many times they regard looks that include heels as casual. Whereas, this is wrong because heels are mainly to give you that perfect formal look. A casual look is meant to be relaxed but then, heels can’t make you relaxed. Take note.

3) Showing Off Bra In Off Shoulder or Sleeveless Tops

Fashion mistakes

This is a common fashion mistake. Most times, you see ladies who want to look good allow their bra to come out in their sleeveless tops and some would even wear contrasting colors. This is one of the top fashion mistakes that you have to stop if you are among those that do it. Do not let your brassiere show, instead, manage or manipulate your brassiere in such a way that it would not show at all.

4) Fashio Mistakes: Rolling a Meant- to- be cropped, Jean

fashion mistakes

Some denim trousers look twisted and complicated to rock. One of them is the meant-to-be cropped jean. The jeans look so skinny from the top then deviate at the down part looking oversized. If you happen to have this kind of jeans, do not roll them, it is wrong that way. Just cut it and make it become cropped jeans like the one above.

5) fashion Mistakes: Complementing a Rolled Jean with your boots

fashion mistakes

Do not roll your trousers and still wear a boot. It normally looks awkward and not fit enough.

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