5 Reasons Why “I Love You” Phrase Works Like Fire In Relationships

You should always say this!

No matter how you try to look for other ways to express love to your partner either your date, husband, or wife,  you will realize that I love you phrase can’t just seem to leave your way. So, when I see people look for different ways to express their love to their spouse apart from saying I love you, I laugh. You know why? Because I know they are still coming back to it. In this article, you will read:

• 5 qualities of the “I love you” phrase

• 6 reasons why you should always express love with “I love you”

If you want to see your man or woman smile, tell her you love her. This is when you will understand and believe that this “I love you” phrase works like fire. At the same time, in your relationship, try to vacate this phrase and see how your affair wiles. It will be as dry as logwood. “I love you” can be expressed in form of messages, it can be in form of quotes and it can be romantically said. Either way, it is an inevitable relationship word. So, why is this phrase so important that you just have to keep telling her “I Love you”?

5 Qualities of The “I Love You” Phrase

Has Been In Existence For a Long Time

Right from time, I and you met this phrase in the world. Then we learn to adapt to it too. This is to tell that it has been alive for a very long time and as an old building, it grows stronger that it has become what people appreciate a lot. “I love you” is not of this generation where many houses are built with impotent bricks and soil. Because it has been in existence for a long time. It has good qualities that make it healthy enough to make feelings expressible and a relationship grow stronger like it is.

“I Love You” Phrase Represents The Head

“I love you” cannot in any way be compared to other ways you have thought of expressing your feelings to your man or woman. Also, it is not of the same level as other alternatives that you have found online. It is naturally incomparable and has a short of work in action with others.  In fact, “I love you” has qualities that make others lesser and difficult to compete with it.

Works Faster

The reactions that your woman or man will show when you say “I love you” is faster than whichever available way to say to it. Reason being that everyone is used to the system of “I love you”, so when it is being said, it works faster and this is why the “I love you too” phrase comes faster as well as a reply. Naturally, it gives your woman or man the joy to look at you in the face when you say “I love you” and it does not normally take two seconds to reply. Others words to replace I love you might take more than that. Reason being that the man in question may not even understand what your sentence means.

“I Love You” Phrase is General

Who does not know or have never heard “I love you?” oh! That person is not in this world or a newly born child who has not even recognize the mother fully well. Even the uneducated ones, it is no doubt they use this phrase and they love it. So it is a general phrase that is so common and unique.

Refuses To Be Cliche

This is a clear truth! Generally, when a word or phrase is overused, people tend to belittle it in a way that when you hear it, you will always ignore it. This is not in any way working for the phrase “I love you.” Rather than becoming cliche, it grows like a nourishing plant that lacks nothing, not even a drop of water. As of now, it is not a cliche because it works like a tablet for people in their relationships.

Now that you have known reasons why the “I love you” phrase still works. Below are:

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Say I Love You phrase

I love you phrase
  1. It makes the relationship stronger
  2. It puts a smile on your partner’s face
  3. It reassures him about the love you have for him
  4. It makes the children happy and loves to be around their parents
  5. It makes it impossible for cheating
  6. It evokes more attraction

To express your love through “I love you” to your partner is romantic and as simple as it is. You can do this through a text message, phone SMS, or social media message depending on the type of social media you are both used to. You can also express it by looking deeply into his eyes to tell him. Mind you do not say it anyhow, make sure it is romantic by being soft and seductive. Also, it can be through long quotes that have loads of “I love you” phrases. Just that it may get boring to him or her. But if you sure know what your partner loves, you can always make him/her happy.

Tell me! What season of love fits celebration without the phrase “I love you?”

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