5 Tips For Saying ‘No’ In A Polite Way

Someone saying No to people

There’s this popular saying that goes “Never feel bad for saying no when you need to.
The truth is, it is easier said than done. Saying the big No is harder than you think, especially when it’s to someone so dear to you.

But you just have to turn them down because you don’t feel comfortable helping them out or you just have other things to attend to.
So, if you’re stuck on how to say No to people, here are 5 easy ways to do that.

1)I would have loved to help out, but what about next time?

Of course, there may be no next time. This gives a kind of ” I care right now, but I’m booked on something else feeling ” and any reasonable person wouldn’t take this kind of turning down as a good one.

2)Thank you so much for choosing me, but I just can’t

With a smile on your face, while saying this, the message is straight and clear, but not rude.

3)Can I just divide my two right now?

By telling the person this, it shows that you are concerned but you just can’t be available.

4)I know someone who can assist with this.

Suggesting someone do what the person is asking you for may also be a good way to dodge whatever they want you to assist them with.

5)Just give your reasons and make them understand.

This is the best option when they are close to you and it’s just so hard to turn them down. Try to sort it out and just be as real as possible on why you are turning them down.
Which other phrase makes the “NO” message clear.

You can always come up with yours too. The idea is just that you should be as kind as possible when turning them down.

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