6 Ways To Be Sure You Are Truly In Love


Love is a big word, but it’s so sad people take it with levity these days. It’s very much easier to say ” I love you” but it can actually take a lifetime to be able to prove that. A lot of people today think they’re in love. You know, they are currently experiencing the sweet things like going out together, spending more time together, eating together and doing virtually almost everything together.

The truth is, the true test of love occurs when things are no more rosy for both of you. How are you going to react when he loses his job? Or how would you treat her if she got raped? How you react and treat your partner when they are at their lowest is an important factor in checking how much you love them. Funny thing is that you can’t even predict what you’ll do unless you are already in that situation.

Do you think you love your partner or you like them or you are probably just lusting over them.

I am going to give you 6 ways to know exactly what you feel for them.

Though all my points may not be true for everyone, but if your check box is 4 out of my 6 points, then you can be sure that what you feel for your partner is somewhere near love.

1)You treat him/her importantly.

The way you treat your partner really matters. Do you treat him like a thing? When you love your partner, you treat him like they are important, just like the way you take brushing your teeth before leaving the house very seriously. You make his opinions count in your life. You inform him whenever you have a decision to make.

2)You genuinely care about him/her

When you truly love someone and he/she truly mean something you, you would always care. Even when you both are not in talking terms you still constantly call in check up to check up on them. You would still make sure that they are fine regardless of your quarrel.

3)It’s so easy to forgive him/her

Truth is when you really like someone, you already have forgiveness prepared in your heart even before they offend you. You would always try as much as possible to prevent anything that would make you both fight.

4)You will always love to help him/her out

Even without asking you for help, you are always trying to figure out what they need. You always want to do anything that’ll make them smile at you. You’ll love to make some hard sacrifices for them. All these things occur when you really love someone.

5)You put him/her first before any other person

Though you are supposed to put you first, but it’s only natural to always think about him into consideration first whenever you want to do anything.

6)You want to be better for him/her

If you don’t think of becoming a better person for your current partner, you’re probably not truly in love with them. Love is usually accompanied with a lot of self-improvement.

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