wardrobe essentials for college girls

7 Wardrobe Essentials For College Girls Who Are Getting Ready For New Season

Get ready to pay attention to the new look hacks.

I remember days before my new season in college as a freshman. I was so sure about the norm that high school clothes should be left out of the box when packing for college. Happily, I went to the market to shop for some clothes with the ideology of “new” backing me up. I also did different shopping online and I got several clothes to take to my new school. Funny enough, in the long run, I get to realize that most of the clothes I bought then are not wardrobe essentials for girls in college and not really the clothes I needed. Although I had the concept of fashion in my head, honestly I don’t understand it and this was what gratified everything.

Truth be told, College days are a mixture of stress and fun. Sometimes, the need to rush to class and other things can choke your life.  Nevertheless, some things like dressing cool, looking good, and going out to have fun are always capable to relieve you from stress. The earshot of “I like your outfit,” “you look good” is always so sweet and no one would not want to hear that.

The good news is looking good at college does not demand that you buy every kind of clothes that you see online or offline. The best way to get ready for your new school is to know about wardrobe essentials which will help you stay classy and fresh. In fact, getting to know wardrobe essentials can help you spend on a budget and arrange your wardrobe. In this article, we provided 10 pieces of wardrobe essentials for college girls to look classy as they attend their various classes.

wardrobe essentials for college girls


Jeans are wardrobe essentials that you cannot have an excuse for not having as a college girl. Having jeans is the most comfortable and easiest way of dressing up. You can go either casual or dressy in jeans depending on the weather. You can even combine a blazer and jeans if you want to create a look that is quite unique. Furthermore, if you want to spend on a budget and you are planning to let go of some outfits, jeans should never be included. This is how essential they are for college girls’ wardrobes. However, the only thing you should note when buying your jeans is the fit. Make sure that the jeans you choose should fit you well. Any weird or too loose would not fit you well for you. Plus, it has to be high quality so that it can last for a long time.

Tops (Tees, cropped top, and blouses)

These are the wardrobe essentials that make life easy for college girls because they serve as a medium to express their boldest selves. Tees or cropped tops, are so versatile that if you wear them long jeans or cropped jeans, you can look casual or dressy depending on your type of shoes. Some college students are fashion freaks and they tend to wear anything that would make them look great. This is a small tip that will help you find the look you want and also add to your wardrobe. Another kind of top that can easily add more appeal to your look is a blouse. Most especially when you tuck it in your jeans. Finally, tops can be easily worn for different occasions.


The simple reason is to make your outfit more sophisticated or extra fancy. A blazer can be a boss accessory when it comes to your casual look. Not just in college, you can also carry a blazer as a full-dress on any occasion. Make sure that the blazer you buy is premium and classic. When you wear a blazer, you will never go wrong as it can add more dimension to your look in terms of formality. On the other hand, the blazer can also be worn as your casuals depending on your mood. Two or three blazers (with different colors) are okay in your wardrobe.

Tank tops

Of all the tops, you will ever need, it is tank tops. They are the ones that go well with everything from jeans to denim skirts, to button-down blouses and more. As a college student, you could use tank tops to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the top you buy is made of high-quality fabric, is stretchy and you will need a bra that fits well to wear the top on a formal occasion. A good pair of white and grey leggings with this top will look great and will not hurt your pockets as well.

Oversized shirts

Another way to make your look extra awesome and you will definitely be noticed is to wear an oversized shirt. They have the comfiest and easy-to-wear quality. When you wear an oversized shirt, you can just place it over your legs and wear it comfortably without having to wear an entire skirt to cover your legs. In fact, most college students love to make their look more attractive with an oversized shirt. When buying your oversized shirts, after getting white, look for other colors at the best of your interest and you are good.


Sneakers are quite essential to any college student, as it adds some flair to your look. For college students, sneakers are the footwear of choice. They not only can make you more comfortable, but it is the most comfortable thing you can wear daily. When you wear sneakers with anything, it will make you look more good than your counterpart. Once again, you can add any kind of shoes to your shoe closet as long as they are quality. When you go shopping, be conscious about the styles that go well with your outfit. That is what we are trying to do with our article.


Since most college students do not wear heels except for occasions outer lectures. Sandals are the best shoes to buy in college and the perfect accessory for school, like a dorm room or a mini bedroom. This is a campus where you are going to be on your feet a lot, so, sandals will be just what you need. Also, note that just because you have a dress code doesn’t mean that you can’t wear sandals. They are the best shoes you can wear on most occasions. Even when you are want to achieve a formal look, you can still manage to wear sandals. Remember, it is a school premises.

Simple gowns

Simple, classic gowns are always a good way for college girls to style up their formal looks. It does not take a lot of effort or effort to get a simple gown. It is one of the easiest ways to get an awesome look for your college campus and you will be able to put that look together yourself without having to deal with a salesgirl or a designer. To get a simple or formal gown, you can go to local boutiques, you can even go to department stores. On the other hand, if you want to make the dress look more elegant, you can get a classic gown that will go with other outfits.

Cute bags

With the bags that you already have, you can create the ultimate college look. There are lots of bags to choose from and you can also combine bags to create a different look. For instance, a bookbag can go well with a simple formal outfit and you can use a bag to carry your books around the college campus. This will help you to be more on top of your responsibilities and it will also help you to stay organized. For your backpack, you can choose a brown bag or you can create a classy look with a black bag.

If you already have all of the wardrobe essentials mentioned, looking good as college girls won’t be difficult. All you just need to do is upgrade your fashion sense by reading up-to-date fashion articles and practice. In the main time, don’t be scared to try out new looks of your own. Cheers to a new season!

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