6 Top Ways To Style Your Skirts (Courtesy of Alexandra)

How do you style your skirts to work, for weekend events, or casual tours?

Skirts are no doubt, the kinds of outfits that confuse people a lot. They are kits that have specific shapes and designs. The reason why it may not be easy discerning how to style your skirt.

In terms of comfortability, skirts may not be compared to trousers but in terms of creativity, it has a stance. In other words, wearing trousers is comfortable than skirts because of the closure that is attached to them.

In terms of creativity, a skirt allows one to be creative in terms of deviation and newness. It allows one to try new things and look more attractive. To discontinue your confusion and lessen your stress on styling your skirts, we have curated 8 style tips for skirts. This came from the look book of our unusual Alexandra of the Big Brother Naija.

Style your skirts with an armless body hug and sneak

One way of styling skirt that is common to many ladies is pairing body hug with skirt. Many feel it is the only wear that goes with it. However, the case is not like that with us. You can style your skirt just the way Alex styled hers. The combination of armless body hug, a nice bag and a fitted sneakers. If you style your skirt with sneak, it will make you look good, comfy and fashionable.

A V neck top and heels

The formula for this is V neck top + micro and mini skirt or body hug top + longer skirts. The rule is that styling your skirt this way depends on the kind of skirt you wearing. This is a beautiful micro skirt that looks so good with the V top. If the skirt happens to be a long skirt especially the flare long skirt, it will not look good this way.

However, if you want to style your skirt with a V top, make sure you choose one of your mini skirts. Enhance the look with one of your favorite heels to look more peculiar.

Style your skirts with a crop top

Half/crop tops are a perfect match for skirts because they are short already. There is no need to tuck in. If you don’t have a crop top, you can swerve one of your tees to crop top by rolling and tie the knot. Read how to turn a top into a crop top

A designed net top and skirt

The special thing about this style is the flexibility. Alex did not tuck in the top and this is because the skirt is a pencil skirt that is tight enough and long.

The pleated skirt, body hug top and hat

The common skirt tips that everyone knows is this. Pairing a skirt with a body hug. However, the unique style tip you should catch a glimpse of here is the hat. When styling your skirts, let your accessories speak for it(skirt).

The pencil skirt and body hug rare top

Style your pencil skirt with a beautiful body hug that goes with it just like this look. Make sure to pair with your heels and bag.

Styling your skirts is however easy with a body hug top, crop top, V neck top, armless top, and a flexible net top. Your accessories are also important. Your bag, sneak, hat and heels.

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