Welcome to my little world

My name is Awodele Maryam; THE FOUNDER OF SHODAMIA. I have been wanting to have this for a very long time but I didn’t until I discovered these four things.

I am a friend of “imagination” and a connoisseur in visualizing everything I do. This is a very sweet part of me that I will like to share with you through my blog. So, do not fuss, your time to see yourself in my cluster of words is coming soon!

I thought I was an introvert until I found myself during my service year. I am still in my 20’s but then I have become so blunt. A few years back, I found it arduous to express my feelings and gossip about romance (lol) but in the end, I discovered that I love to be blunt and just “say them out.” No more pretends! Let’s meet in my articles!

No matter how I try to take an excuse from “fashion” it ends up being negative. I am so keen on dressing well and looking good and this is just me!

Writing is my thing! I developed an interest in writing when I was in school. These are the spines behind SHODAMIA!
My favorite Mantra: Every day is not for Christmas. Learn to accept bad days too!

Awodele Maryam


Our nature demands that we should be open-minded to our readers. So, we peek into interesting conversations from a relationship angle in our content. Loads of intriguing content on dating, attraction, cheating, sex, and relationship will be explored.


Our content is witty, full of information, and educative. We inform you about the latest fashion trends, teach and being you lessons to improve your personal lifestyle with our articles.


Our articles are life changers, capable to bring out the ‘you’ in you. We will share experiences that will make you discover yourself- What you like, your feeling, and how to take control of them.

About Shodamia

Shodamia is a fashion, relationship, romance, and lifestyle blog that is peculiar in its mode of broadcasting messages. The blog will take you through fashion trends, tips, and exclusive content that reflects Nigerians’ style of living. We are also an adult community that plans to capture and improve our readers’ relationship and sex status. Thus, we are romantic, erotic, and pure.