These Ankara Skirt Styles Are 10 Only But They Aren’t Everywhere

meaning they are stylish and uncommon.

We are all guilty of this! Anytime we get a new Ankara to sew, we don’t usually think about skirts. All that come to us are Ankara gowns or tops. But thank God, as it is, fashion designers and stylists are bringing out everything good in Ankara skirts and we are proud to inform you that we found 10 Ankara skirts styles for you.

As said earlier, many girls don’t monitor Ankara skirts as gowns and this does not make it common. So, when we say we found Ankara skirts ideas for you, we meant unique and chic skirts. Take note of that! Another good news is we complement this with how you can style your Ankara skirts. Don’t forget they need to be complemented with some kinds of tops/outfits. So, keep scrolling till you find the skirt style you’ve been looking forward to getting.

Chic Ankara skirt + Shirt

Ankara skirts styles

This two-step skirt is perfect for a white shirt basic. For the fact that the skirt is high-waisted, it fits more for a shirt. However, depending on how colorful the Ankara skirt is, you can change the color of the shirt.

Ankara skirts styles

White tees/tops and shirts are basic outfits that are worth saving for short Ankara skirts that look like this. By the way, do not forget to focus on the skirt’s style.

Ankara Skirts and Blouse styles

Ankara skirts styles
Ankara skirts styles

Slit outfits whether skirts or gowns, long or short are naturally cool.

Anything two-piece outfits are worth your savings. They come out lovely and beautiful. So, if you feel the need to go for a skirt, go for two pieces like above. Then, you can always wear another outfit (e.g white tops, shirts) on top of your two-piece Ankara skirt.

Hint: It is not necessary that you sew the two-piece. You can always go for the skirt style alone and pair it with another top.

Fitted Ankara Skirt styles

The beauty of this long Ankara skirt style comes from how it is styled. A nice fitted or baggy top will do.

Front slit skirts aren’t bad too. They look sexy!

I am going for this when next I need to sew Ankara skirt. This is not everywhere!

Flare skirts are the sweetest and one of those that cannot go out of trend.

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