Bbnaija Alexandra Makes History in Fashion and Rings the Bell of Shodamia

We have got a close eye on Sandra Asogwa Alexandra. Mainly because her methodological approach to styling captivates us most of the time. So having waited till date, the aim is to keep studying her to be ascertained of her fashion prowess. 
Alexandra’s penultimate pictures on her Instagram page captivated and rang the bell of Shodamia one of these days and we couldn’t but admit that she has successfully created a fashion history.  
On her Instagram page, she released a shot, where she paired an incredible outfit and accessories. Definitely, this is what all fashionistas should be aware of and as you know, this is what we don’t just do but do well in other to get you informed and most importantly, update your fashion status. 

Here, Alexandra was able to combine a pair of shoes that look closely the same as her scarf, top, and shirt. Her creative is second to known looking at how she thought of merging sneakers with traditionally made outfits. She also merged earrings that fit so well with the outfit.  On the norm, one may feel awkward wearing this but Alexandra made it outstanding and lovely. This is what every fashion mongers should try. 

In the main time, let’s take you through Alex look book so far.

These poses and outfits are everything!!

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