Casual Ankara styles

If I were You, I will Hold Up To These Ankara Styles For Casual Events

They are extremely lovely!

Ankara style is one of the most popular fashion styles in Nigeria. As the design, colors, and patterns are not limited, you can have any kind of Ankara outfit you want. Part of these outfits is the casual Ankara outfits that are mostly worn for occasions that do not require a lot. Although these Ankara styles are known for casual it still does not mean that they should look dry. Thus, in our own case at Shodamia, we are showing you the list of our Ankara styles casual that is simple but killing on the go. So if I were you, for sake of time I need to go out to meet a friend, go to the market on weekends, and the likes, one or two of these styles will be for me. In this article:

Casual Ankara Styles

Casual Ankara styles

For casual outfits, nothing could be so easy than wearing a comfortable top on one of the jeans.

A casual yet unique gown stylishly made with a belt.

Casual Ankara styles

One of the goals of casual wear is comfortability and this sleeveless Ankara gown is all you need.

A bit of Ankara shirt dress

Casual Ankara styles

Tell me! What more than a free gown would you need for your casual occasions? Here is a definition of classy, casual, and comfortable. The CCC is here!

At times, you may feel like you should pair this type of Ankara shirt dress with your jeans. It is all good!

Casual Ankara styles

For moments you are so particular about sexiness, comfortability, and willingness to show some skin.

let your accessories speak for your casual wear. The use of a belt is everything beauty added to this Ankara outfit.

Casual Ankara styles

I really love this look and don’t mind going for it. It will look good on both skinny and full chest ladies. (Wink)

Here is a free short Ankara gown.

This style will stay with your look anywhere you go.

Casual Ankara styles

A good definition of highly stylish!

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