Celebrating Black History Month With The Black Beauty Star, Tolani Baj – Shodamia

Big Brother Naija star, Tolani Baj has taken to her social media page to celebrate the black skin in the month of black history which is mainly done every February.

Black history month can be dated back to 1969 when some black educators at kent state University propose the idea of celebrating the existence of blacks.

The black history month is mainly to honor the blacks and as well give them the voice to speak and continue to be proud of their colour. More Details here

Tolani Baj however thought it will be beautiful to encourage the blacks and fans who are deeply dark in complexion. This supposedly is to encourage every black beauty out there that they are beautiful and nothing should stop them from flaunting their God-given plus unique beauty.

Talking about this, Tolani Baj shared a Melanin picture that obviously reads “all hail the black queens with the black skin”. Her photos also captioned:

The melanin in our skin.

The plumpness of our lips.

The honey is our eyes.

The shine in our smiles.

The love in our hearts.

The power of our gentle minds.

Makes us Queens.

Black is beautiful.


The melanin black is a beauty to behold and attractive for the screen to be licked. We however celebrate the black history month with the black beauty queen, Tolani Baj and encourage every black beauty out there to continuee to look good with their dark skin and continue to be them.

We love you!

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