Do You Have A 2 Yards Ankara Fabric? Here Are 15 Ankara Styles To Sew With It

The case of leftover materials happens to almost everyone except if you are one among those that do not sew wears. Sometimes, we would have 2 yards or 1 yard of Ankara fabric but were often confused about what style to sew with it. Eventually, some ladies may abandon the materials in their wardrobe or better still, give it out. So, are you are one of those who do this? You don’t have to anymore because we have provided 15 adorable styles to sew with two yards of Ankara fabric including how to style them perfectly. At this point, say capital ‘NO’ to confusion around your 2 yards fabric.

Use 2 Yards Ankara Fabric For Stand Out Skirts

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For two-step beautiful skirts, all you need is your two yards of fabric and you are good to go with the best shot.

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This is a mini skirt style that needs mini Ankara.

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Sometimes, front slits are perfect to do the styling job for you.

Make use of It For Classy Tops

2 yards Ankara Fabric
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2 yards Ankara Fabric
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2 yards Ankara Fabric
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2 yards Ankara Fabric
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2 yards Ankara Fabric
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2 yards Ankara Fabric
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Go With Shorts

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2 Yards Ankara Fabric To Complement Your Lovely Gown

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