Gifty Powers Reacts To Men Who Are Obsessed With Big Butt, Says It Has No Benefit

The reality Tv. Star and entrepreneur, Gifty Powers has taken to her Instagram to question girls who boast of having big derriere and men who run after them.


The mother of one said, the big butt has no special benefit attached to it mainly because it is always too big to handle both for the owner and men who wants to handle it.

Images of Gifty Powers

Gifty Powers explained that girls with big butt are less craved for in the real modeling world unless it is a face model. She also said, such girls, find it difficult to ride on top during s3xual intercourse because the derriere is a war for them. Talking about it, she said:

“Why do some girls feel like having the biggest butt is an achievement. Like they have won the biggest trophy.”

“Sometimes I imagine if enough air dey pass through the thighs “laps”?

In the modeling world, a big butt is not an option for a true model agent (except if you only want to be a face model) but you have a big butt, and you are declined.”

“Men So what if she gets the yansh but she be Iti?”

“Even to ride on top an work for them because the load them dey carry for back an war”

“So I really want to know why yansh drives men crazy?”

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According to Gifty, a big butt is not something special for ladies to be proud of and as for men, they should not be running after or putting their whole mind on yansh. Reason being that it will not do them any good on bed.

Men! What do you think about this? Ladies, do you feel uncomfortable with your bug yansh?

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