How to look Super Expensive with Any kind of Outfits

Wondering about people’s thoughts concerning your outfits? Probably they think you wear cheap things whereas you don’t; but what exactly makes an outfit look expensive even when it is not?

During my university days, Tolulope was the baddest slayer in my department. No one could escape walking beside her without looking at her twice. How she walks, speaks, and most importantly, pairs outfits attract people to her.  To my surprise, 90% of her wears are kriks (first grade though) undoubtedly incredible!! You won’t know if she doesn’t tell you unless you are also in this game just like me. Lolz.

Do you know looking super expensive does not attach to the price of your outfits?

Everything depends on creativity, the uniqueness that revolves around your outfits. How you have chosen to bang them. Here are ways you can make this happen.

Combine Unusual Outfits

No one would find it attractive to see you wear a combination of shirts and pants every day. You have to be dynamic and unpredictable; then, people will categorize you as one of the expensive models they’ve ever seen. There is no need to boring, you have to create new things

Melody Jacob

Wear Heels

I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t wear slippers. Nah. No, because slippers have its reigning seasons too. But be careful if you want to look expensive like you think. Don’t wear slippers often, wear heels and change heels. Wear kitten heels, boot heels, pumps, wedge stilettos, ankle strap heels, and so forth. Trust me, you will look expensive to your audience just the way you want it. Many people think the heel wearers are the riches. Lolz.

Make Use of Accessories

Accessories can put you on point and level your smartness. Before you know it, look into the mirror and see yourself shining like a gold. No matter how small the price of your outfits, accessories could bring out the uniqueness and make you stand amidst others. 

Sometimes, just your bag, shoe or your shade that will recommend you to the world. 
Are you ready for this?

Maryam Awodele
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