“I Have Ended A Relationship Before Because His Toilet Hygiene Was Zero”- Toke Makinwa

Media personality, Toke Makinwa revealed one of the reasons why she recorded breakups in the past.

She explained that she is a type that cannot condone such features as dirtiness. According to her, such nauseating characteristics can tear apart her relationship. In other words, she deeply detest being unhygienic to the extent that it had caused breakup for her in the past. The man as at then according to her is dirty and his toilet hygiene is a no-go area for Toke. She said:

“I Have Ended A Relationships Before Because His Toilet Hygiene was bad, like zero”

Following this statement on her Twitter page, followers commented and one Onah Colins responded to this saying:

“So you can change him? Even if he is loyal to you. Just because his toilet hygiene is bad.”
Replying to this, Toke Makinwa said:

“When I am not his mother and I am not a rehabilitation center, I am not his fixer. Common hygiene is every individual’s right, please.

Another tweeter, who is YK also said: “I doubt if you will be able to keep a man! Like WTF.”
Replying to this, Toke said:

“Are men toys to be kept? Why is it my job to keep a man who is keeping me?”

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