I Wish my Daddy Could Propose to me (Says, a Relationship Struggler)

Few days ago, I met one of my colleagues, Toluwalope. We were both elated to see each other since it is a very long time. At the medial of our discussion, we talked about affairs, the men in our life and the experience we have had with them. At first, our chat was cold until Toluwalope’s tone changed, and she took the discussion serious. After all, it is only a lame man that can tell what he is going through. So I just watched and listened as she talked.

She explained the crises she had long experienced from men and with an overwhelming heart-touch, she mentioned that out of the four guys she dated, none proves to be trustworthy. With a surprised face, I had to scream ‘not even one?’

Toluwalope said Tunde is the horrible among them and unfortunately, the one she loves extensively.

I could remember vividly how she vibrated the ‘er’ in ever and the burning fire in her eye balls. She explained further that the guy broke her heart after 3 years of courtship, after she had already debut him to her parents and that is the most painful thing that still livers around her.

I felt so sorry for her and said “these men are the same” but she opposed the statement immediately and said men are not the same but only few seems to be truthful. Someone like her dad according to her.

Toluwalope further explained that if every man could be like her dad by wearing his garment of personality, no women would have heart-broken story to tell. Eventually, she said “I wish my daddy could be the man I can fall in love with, I wish his kind is out there looking out for me”. I smiled then afterwards made several comments part of which you will read below.


Three lessons to learn from Toluwalope’s story.


  • Both men and women should learn to embrace “relentless” in relationship. A means of not giving in for breakups or separation. With this, less of Toluwalope’s story will be told.

Admit Your Position

  • In relationship, both men and women are vessels of broken hearts. No one is pure. You may be the heart broker today and another person will be tomorrow. Thus, it is not a matter of “you are a man and she is a woman.”


  • Personality in relationship differs; thus, we should not allow personality inject our feelings (totally). If you think your father is a good man and he is the kind of man that you want, then you keep snubbing men that wants your hands in marriage as a result, you are tuning in, complications.

Note that no relationship is flawless and no human is…; therefore it is advisable that you nurture your man and you nurture your woman. Long life and feelings!! Thumbs.
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