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The fast-paced modern society of today has completely deviated from the old model of living and modern dating is adequate evidence. So many cultural values and olden days principles have been left behind. In the olden days, dating is not exposed as it is now and young girls of 11-15 age do not necessarily have to know about dating life. As soon as modernity came, it changed society and its people completely and brought along a new set of behaviors that need to be carefully examined. Part of these modes is modern dating. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about modern dating. However, reading the article to the end will enlighten you on:

Dating rules, dating trends, traditional dating, and modern romance.

Before we move on, it is important to understand that this topic is a way forward for every relationship and this is why it is beneficial than you think. If you have the idea of every principle of modern dating, it will help you groom your relationship since you will have prepared ahead. Perhaps if every man and woman know about the kind of dating of their time and generation, there would be fewer breakups in relationships.

Only a Few People Win With Modern Dating

The first thing to be noted about modern dating is the fact that most of them do not work, unlike in the olden days. As of today, so many broken relationships have been recorded and a few of them led to suicide. Modern dating is the period where unrequited love lives like a king as a result of many reasons that are mentioned below. When dating in this period leads to marriage, the partners are very fortunate for coming in contact with themselves to express true love. They are very lucky because dating nowadays only consists of having fun, flirt, and jilt. Therefore, one should accept the bitter truth that many things are upside down in modern dating.

Modern dating

We Are All In a Big Hurry

If it is possible to count the number of people who do not want to associate with love nowadays, hardly are we going to locate 15 percent of them. Love has taken over humans and this undermines most of them from thinking or studying before they act and go into dating. Today’s love story involves a 12-year-old boy and girl and if you ask them about it, they usually say they are in love. What true love is there for teens who are not yet matured? When it comes to modern dating, everyone wants to date without understanding themselves and the ones they claim to love. They are so particular about the fun of it.

Modern dating has completely uttered the old-fashioned dating to the extent that dating now becomes a pride, and like a wing bearer for men and women. Ladies want to date because they want to boast of having a boyfriend while some guys want to date because their friends are dating and because they have had a bet over a lady in their area. Most of them do not care about the heart but the fun and materials of it.

Impact Of Technology

Technology has a lot to do with modern dating because it is a modern distinctive product. So, when modern dating is talked about, technology cannot be missing as a trend itself. One of the things that technology brought to the world is the internet and as I speak, I am certain that you are on the internet reading this article. It is good that we have the Internet to help us thaw some problems we cannot solve alone and for knowledge that we cannot possess without it. However, at some point, it is also the cause of so many issues tied toward modern dating.

Cell Phones

Without technology, what is a cell phone? Without cell phones, what is chatting, sending instant messages, calls, discussions? Yes! Nobody can doubt the crucial tasks that cell phones have done for us. At the same time, the bad things cell phones have caused cannot be disputed. Part of them is the modern dating that cell phones have to find easy to ruin. Nowadays, men are not scared to talk to women they want in their arms. They will always finish everything on their phones.

Cell phones have made it easy for guys and ladies to trail their lifestyles and find a manipulative way to get into each other. A lady who finds it difficult to seduce a man physically can work it out on phone. It should be noted that men easily deceive ladies through phones than physically. This, in modern dating, technology has made it very easy to meet relationship demons.

Social media

The moment everyone starts having a phone, dating starts to change its route and move away from the traditional ways. Social media makes it easy for 12-year-old girls and boys to connect even though they are total strangers to themselves. This connection opens the way to false identity and fake love and this is very rampant in modern dating.


After meeting a stranger with a false identity on social media, before you know it, they have started dating. Whereas, there is a high probability that such a relationship will not head anywhere.

Marriage Is Not What It Used To Be

Modern dating is changing the definition of marriage. The few people who get the opportunity to make their relationship work end everything with divorce. Not because they want it that way but due to the infidelity they deal with which could be from the husband or the wife. However, the cause behind this infidelity is the nature of modern dating. For instance, it is easy for a husband to meet a new lady online, begin a love conversation and end up dating her. The moment his wife notices this, and vice versa, their marriage is likely to start falling apart. Modern dating has increased attraction and cheating and the main thing is that men and women nowadays do not find dating someone’s else husband or wife as inimical. All they want is to have fun!

Sex Reigns

In the modern world, many people rush into dating because they want to have sex. Some guys fake their love because they want to have sex with a lady. They find every possible means to get into her head and confess fake love to her to have sex with her. The moment they do this, they are gone and their relationship is off.


The popular paradoxical aphorism, “money is the root of all evil” best explains the rules of dating in modern dating. Today, men and women have swiveled dating into buying and selling with the use of money and sex as products. For men, money is the product they advertise to lure a lady to bed. For women, sex is the product they advertise to get money from men. However, this is to say automatically that modern dating is like a “market.”

The Media Rules

The media is not in any way helping people in this modern period, build their relationships. For instance, dating shows and movies are not helping relationships. Unlike olden days movies, there are many erotic actions from the characters that develop into the audience’s imagination. Before you know it, they start putting into work in reality and this is not helping. Some TV. shows promote abnormalities in relationships all in the name of entertainment and this has inserted all sorts of irregularities in modern dating.

Fake Love Everywhere

There is a difference between true love, love for sex, and love for money. Unfortunately, the first, which is true love is scarce while the other two have taken charge. In other words, in modern dating, men and women hardly express true love to themselves. If not for money, it will be for sex. As a result, everyone apart from a few is faking love by all means just to get what they want.

Despite all these principles of modern dating, some people still make it to marriage. Not because they have a special power but as a result of God’s grace and their ability to study themselves, and create a loving bond.

Modern dating is the subsisting kind of relationship in this period. Although many of what surrounds it are bad, in as much as you know them, study them and think about them, there will be no reason to worry.

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