Our Favourite Asoebi styles from Toke Makinwa As She Clocks A New Age

All you need for that Owambe is a bit of Toke Makinwa.

Since a long time ago, I have always believed that we can not get enough of Toke Makinwa. The fashion mogul is not ready to quit and not a bit of that word is in her dictionary. Are you looking for prints or Ankara styles, Asoebi styles, cute outfits with a combination of blazers, leggings, different kinds of pants, skirts, and the likes? You can’t miss your way the moment you slide into Toke Makinwa’s Lookbook.

As the celebrity star clocks age 37, we thought it is a good idea to take you through her lookbook for loads of Asoebi styles that are pro. So if you have been looking for styles to stand out in that upcoming event, we need you to concentrate here and choose the best of the Asoebi styles from Toke Makinwa’s closet that will look just the way you want on you.
Asoebi styles

Adorable Asoebi styles courtesy of Toke Makinwa

Aso Ebi styles

Without bother asking the fashion designer of this outfit, it is obvious you already know it is expensive. The fabric is expensive, the style is expensive and also the wearer. Amazing!

Do you love short gowns and you are most comfortable with them at events? Then there is for you. Here are more short asoebi styles below.

Asoebi styles

The sexiness of this outfit is executive and pro. The earlier you know this style is not for everyone, the sooner you get the outfits. Smiles.

Here is another short sexy gown sewed and customized in a sexy manner. Mind the accessories too, they go perfectly well with the outfit.

Every girl needs a comfortable Asoebi. This could be for you.

Looking for simple but classy? Here is a flavor for you.

Another long asoebi style for you.

If you are a lover of black, go for this!

Guess what! The color is damn rich!

Asoebi styles

Ankara asoebi style just for you.

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