Singer Waje Shares Her Man’s Picture As They Set To Get Married Soon

Nigerian singer, Waje is set to get married soon to Ric Hassani.

In a recent photo shared by Aituaje Iruobe popularly known as Waje. Ric Hassani was spotted laying down on Waje’s lap. However, the real gist was from Waje’s caption as a complement to the picture.

The caption reads: “It is time.” Although, Waje did not write it directly that they will be getting married but the caption shows it is likely to happen between the two as fans keep congratulating them without objection. Some other celebrities also congratulated them and no objection from Waje’s side until further notice. Whichever it resulted to at the, we will fetch you the gist as time goes on.

Congratulations to the two!

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