The 2 Times We Spotted Nigerian Star, Tacha Akide Slaying DIY Denim Trouser

The beautiful reality Tv star, Natacha Akide popularly known as Tacha is showing us the beauty of DIY denim trousers and we are loving it.

The reality star has been spotted two times wearing the DIY denim pants with different styles.

Apparently, the whole message is to let fashion lovers understand that there is more to denim apart from the ordinary and popular ones we see out there.

The DIY denim is a denim that is complemented and embellished with DIY materials such as stars, love stickers and style likes. The essence of adding DIY to denim is to deviate denim from the regular look and make it more unique.

So far, Tacha is the only celebrity flaunting the beauty of this denim and this is why we have to bring it for you to let you see. In the main time, enjoy looking the photos below.

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