The Real Gist Of How BBnaija’s Nengi And Sydney Talker Got Married-Shodamia

A few days ago, Sydney and Nengi were trending because they released photos that indicate they are getting married.

The photos imply that Sydney proposed to Nengi and Nengi said yes. The reason why she happily showcased the make-believe ring Sydney gave to her.

Following this proposal, wedding Pictures, and alleged reports from fewer news arena, fans were successfully teased. Many people thought Sydney proposed to Nengi and believed they are getting married.

Although Syndey and Nengi got married but not in real life. It was a fictitious marriage proposal that happened between the two. The two got married because Sydney is a creative skit maker that loves to use amazing tactics and figures to capture his audience.

Unknown to many people. Sydney is perfect in making use of popular celebrity in his skit to divert the attitude of his fans and heighten his fame. However, the proposal only happened in a skit performed by Sydney which includes Nengi. Therefore, it is not true that Sydney and Nengi are married. They are only doing their job and trying to make money while aiming to tease Nengi’s fans.

However, it should also be noted that no record has ever shown that Sydney and Nengi are lovers. Such chemistry is allegedly between Ozo and Nengi. Therefore, as one of their fans, you should not get confused as we have strived to clear the assumptions.

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