what to wear to the beach

These 7 Outfits Are For Ladies Looking For what to Wear To The Beach

We all know that dressing for the beach can be tricky. The heat, sand, sun, and saltwater can make finding an outfit that goes from day to night a challenge. This is why we’ve .....

We all know that dressing for the beach can be tricky. The heat, sand, sun, and saltwater can make finding an outfit that goes from day to night a challenge. This is why we’ve put together these seven outfits for women looking for what to wear while on the beach. We hope they provide some inspiration and help you dress like the rockstar you are!


what to wear to the beach

A swimsuit is a key to looking your best at the beach. If you really want to go have fun and need inspiration on beach outfits, then, make sure you get a swimsuit. Swimsuits are naturally cute and fit well on anyone. There are different kinds of swimsuits but the ones to choose depends on your choice. You should consider purchasing at least two bathing suits when heading to the beach. One for the beach and one for the pool. If you do not have a swimsuit for the pool, then you should buy one that’s for the pool. You need one that matches your swimming suit as well as your cover-up. Remember, a swimsuit does not have to be complicated. Most people only wear two or three pieces to get a cute look, but this is not a compulsory thing to do. But still, it can be anyone. Just wear one of them and have fun.

Sandals/Flip flops

There’s a big difference between sandals and flip-flops. One is meant to get your feet wet while walking through the waves while the other is shoes for walking on the wet sand. Although you can wear any of the two to the beach while sandals may look cute, you can’t dance with them on, and wearing them all day in the sun can leave your feet looking burned. On the other hand, flip-flops will make walking all around comfortable for you. So, if you looking for what to wear to the beach, count flip-flops as important. 

Swimsuit cover-ups

what to wear to the beach

A cover-up is a perfect way to have beachy fun and look great and the good news is, there are various swimsuit cover-up ideas. It all depends on what you regard as “easy and comfortable.” The big thing about a cover-up is that it covers your shoulders so your top doesn’t show. Cover-ups also cover the below parts of your body in case you are not comfortable exposing them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-piece cover-up or a tankini. The fact is the beach is not necessarily the place to show off your shoulder line or expose your body. Wearing a stylish swimsuit cover-up, that is flattering to your body, and doesn’t detract from your overall beach outfit, will make you feel good.

Pierced or colored bikini top

piercings and colored bikini tops can really spice up your beach look. Whether you get a chunky piercing or a small gold stud, this will really highlight your body. Not only does it look sexier, but it will also make you look a lot more beautiful. Just remember to be cautious when getting piercings or colored bikini tops. It’s important to not put so much metal that you cannot take it out again. Remember, piercings will take a little while to heal up. If you have a big piercing, you will be covered from the ocean for a little while. If you have a small piercing, you may want to remove it when you get to the beach. But if you decide to keep it in, then you should be careful of any metal foreign to your body that you may find.

White bikini

what to wear to the beach

Having a white bikini on can really brighten up your beach ensemble. It looks so elegant and classy. This particular bikini comes in all different colors and patterns, but the two that are most popular are white and yellow. There are many different types of white bikini tops and bottoms. You will have to make sure that your bikini top and bottoms are in good shape. If you’re going to the beach, you should make sure that your bikini is clean and doesn’t have any rips, tears, or holes. If you want to wear white, then you should make sure you’re swimming in pure water. You should also make sure that your bikini bottoms are new and clean. If you have old or dirty bottoms, then you won’t be able to wear your white bikini because it will get dirty from the water.

Layered bikini

what to wear to the beach

A layered bikini can add a lot of interest to your look. This is a great idea for a large group, where you are able to get a lot of compliments. If you are planning on going to the beach with a large group of people, then this could really work for you. But, if you are planning to go to the beach solo, then you’ll want to stick with the normal bikini top and bottoms.

This bikini top comes in a few different styles, but it’s really all about how you wear it. If you want a top that keeps you covered while still showing off your cleavage, then you will love this style. If you don’t want a top that doesn’t cover much, then you will want to stay away from this one. The bottom comes in three different colors and it has two different textures on it. The bottom also has a pouch in it that comes in white and two different colors. This makes it very useful if you are concerned about having to wear a bikini bottom.

Note: some of these recommended outfits might not be worn from up if you are not comfortable with them. You can always use the idea of cover-ups for them and unbind them when you get to the beach.  

Skirts and shorts

what to wear to the beach

If you are looking for what to wear to the beach beside a swimsuit, or bikini, go for shorts or skirts. Although, some people hate wearing shorts or skirts, but for some reason, this is a summer look that you cannot go wrong with. Not only is this an easy way to look great while you are at the beach, but you will be cooler too. Some people will even look like they are having fun while at the beach. However, we suggest only wearing shorts that are stylish and in a flattering color for your skin. Now you have no excuse not to have a great idea of what to wear at the beach.

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