ways to style oversized shirts

All Basics You Need To Style Your Oversized Shirts

In the newest, cool and stylish ways.

Oversized shirts are the latest trend in fashion. The oversized shirt is a short, boxy tee or long sleeve top that is cut to create the appearance of an oversized fit. It is often oversized on purpose to make it look like you are wearing someone’s else clothing which can be flattering. Oversized shirts are perfect for layering under sweaters, jeans, or jackets. The style has become popular because it is simple, comfortable, and iconic. Plus it can be worn in so many different ways. However, if you looking to rock your oversized shirts, below are 6 ways to style oversized shirts.

Wear your oversized shirts with sleeveless sweaters

Ways to wear oversized shirts

This particular how-to-wear oversized shirt is trending. Apart from this, it is also stylish. All you need to do is get a fashionable sweater and wear it on top of your oversized shirt.

Ways to style oversized shirt: Wear with tank top

Ways to wear oversized shirts

Tank tops are generally known for their casual statement and they look so cute on top of big shirts.

Ways to style oversized shirts: wear cropped denim

Ways to wear oversized shirts

You have to get a cropped denim top if you don’t. They are too vogue to be missing as they are cool basic for ways to style oversized shirts.

Wear with your tube sweater top

Ways to wear oversized shirts

They are unique and too gorgeous!

Wear oversized sweater with oversized shirts

Ways to wear oversized shirts

This is lovely and perfect as winter outfits.

Tuck in one side of your oversized shirt

Ways to wear oversized shirts

Don’t forget to add your accessories.

Leave your shirt as it is

If you do not have any of the above basic for white big shirts, you can always wear it the way it is. Then, you pair skinny jeans or distressed pants with them. All perfect for a stylish look

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