how much is hair dryer in nigeria

How Much Is Hair Dryer In Nigeria? List Of Hair Dryers & Their Prices 

Find out the prices of hair dryers in Nigeria.

If you have been wondering, “How much is a hair dryer in Nigeria?” You have come to the right place. As a hair care enthusiast, I have dedicated many days to searching for all types of hair dryers and their prices to discover the ones that are suitable for different sets of individuals. 

This article reveals all types of hair dryers with their specific prices one by one.

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How Much is Hair Dryer in Nigeria? 

Hair dryers in Nigeria vary in price but they can be as low as N3,000 and can be as high as N400,000 depending on their specific features, functions, and types. 

The hair dryer with the lowest price as of today in Nigeria is the Nova foldable hand hair dryer with a price of N2,600. 

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Types of Hair Dryers and Their Prices 

For further information and the exact answer to “How much is Hair dryer in Nigeria?” Check out the list of hair dryers and their prices below.

Handheld Hair Dryer

how much is hair dryer in Nigeria

Handheld Hair Dryer is one of the most common hair dryers. It has a hot and cold air setting that allows it to gently style your hair without causing damage. However,  the most important feature of this type of hair dryer is its specialized nozzle attachment that directs airflow to exactly the part you need it and controls frizz. 

Ionic Hair Dryers

how much is hair dryer in Nigeria

The ionic dryer features a U-shaped heating wire for even heat distribution, and it prevents damage while drying quickly. This hair dryer releases nourishing ions that repair hair scales, prevent frizz, and enhance shine. If you use this powerful and gentle styling tool, you will not regret it. 

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

how much is hair dryer in Nigeria

The Tourmaline hair dryer has a professional DC motor that delivers a powerful 1875W blast of airflow that dries hair quickly. What mostly sets this hair dryer apart is the Negative Ion function, which not only reduces noise but also imparts a silky, frizz-free finish to your hair. This innovative feature locks in moisture, protects your hair from heat damage and ultimately promotes a smooth and healthy look. With its lightweight design, the Tourmaline hair dryer is your secret weapon for efficient and stylish hair care.

Professional Standing Hair Dryer 

These types of dryers are specially designed for salon use. They are built with high wattage and this makes them one of the best hair dryers to use in salons. They also have robust features that give instant desiring results to hair. 

Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers

how much is hair dryer in Nigeria

Wall-mounted hair dryers are types of hair dryers that are fixed to the wall. It adds comfort and business to the bathroom and allows you to have much space for yourself. In addition, the most beautiful feature of this dryer is that installing it is hassle-free and you don’t have to drill holes or nails into the walls before it stays where you want it fixed. 

Foldable Hair Dryers

how much is hair dryer in Nigeria

Foldable Hair Dryers are types of mini hair dryers that are perfect for interstate or international travel. This hair dryer is lightweight and it has a compact design that ensures that it sits well in your travel bag. It can easily be folded and it is efficient for hair use. 

Silent Hair Dryers 

how much is hair dryer in Nigeria

Silent hair dryers are creative, comfortable, and safe hair dryers that do not make noise when you use them. They have noise-minimized airflow features that ensure that you have a quiet hair-drying routine. Some individuals don’t feel comfortable with hair dryers’ noise and some don’t like to disturb others while blow drying their hair. If you are one of these individuals, Silent hair dryers are the best for you. 

Blow Hair Dryers

These are types of hair dryers that combine two or more functions but they mostly function as a hair dryer and a brush. In other words, most blow hair dryers come with a brush that will make it easier for you to achieve a blowout look.  Some blow dryers also come with a diffuser that will help to define your natural curls and waves. In all, these hair dryers are made with different properties for you to achieve a smooth grooming experience. 

Bonnet Hair Dryers

Bonnet Hair Dryer is the final type of hair dryer on our list of types of hair dryers. This hair dryer looks like a hood as it covers the entire head. It is great for styling hair in a few minutes, it is adjustable and can fit any type of head. Lastly, it is convenient and just like a foldable hair dryer, it is also perfect for travel. 

Table of Types of Hair Dryers and Their Prices

Handheld Hair DryersN3,000-15,000
Ionic Hair DryersN8,000-50,000
Standing Hair DryersN65,000-200,000
Wall Mounted Hair DryersN10,000-50,000
Blow Hair DryersN3,000-50,000
Tourmaline Hair DryersN15,000-50,000
Silent Hair DryersN10,000-40,000
Foldable Hair DryersN5,000-20,000
Bonnet Hair DryersN8,000-20,000

Best Hair Dryers In Nigeria: Our Top 3

A good hair dryer must be easy to use and have great features such as high power or wattage, ceramic or tourmaline features, ionic technology, and different heat and speed settings. 

In this section, we listed the best hair dryers in Nigeria plus our top 3 

If you want to purchase a hair dryer that will help you achieve your hair goal, you should consider one of the following. 

1. Ionic Hair Dryer

The first type of hair dryer on our list of best hair dryers is the ionic hair dryer. 


  • It generates millions of negatively charged ions. 
  • Users can use lower temperatures for gentle drying.
  • It helps to maintain curly hair.
  • It dries the hair faster.
  • It reduces frizz.

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  • It can overdry your hair and damage it.

Brands we recommend for Ionic hair dryer 

  • Panasonic ionic hair dryer
  • Philips ionic hair dryer 
  • Remington ionic dryer 
  • Babybliss ionic hair dryer
  • Revlon ionic hair dryer

2. Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline hair dryer is the top 2 on our list of best hair dryers. 


  • It has unique properties that emit negative ions. 
  • It can reduce drying time by up to 40%.
  • Its efficiency does not depend on heat.
  • It makes hair look glossy


  • They are more expensive 

Brands we recommend for Tourmaline Hair Dryer 

  • Conair Tourmaline hair dryer 
  • Babybliss Tourmaline hair dryer 
  • Revlon Tourmaline hair dryer

3. Professional Standing Hair Dryer 

The best and final type of hair dryer on our list is the standing hair dryer. 


  • It has a premium design 
  • It has 2 speed control 
  • Adjustable heat setting
  • It operates quietly 
  • It is lightweight 
  • Has powerful motor
  • Designed for specific hair styling 


  • Most suitable to use in salons 

Brands we recommend for standing hair dryer 

  • Posh Equator hair dryer

Final Words

In this post, we listed all types of hair dryers in Nigeria and their prices and we hope we have been able to answer your question “How much is hair dryer in Nigeria”? If yes, visit Shodamia for more informative beauty content. 

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