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Kimono Styles That Are Absolutely Chic For Your Nook

Enough of your single style of kimono. (wink)

The kimono is one of the most interesting styles of garment. It is a symbol of Asian culture, with many different meanings and styles. These gorgeous robes are more than just clothing, they are a work of art. Some people might think that wearing a kimono is too formal for casual wear. And others feel it has only one way it can be sewed, worn, rocked, or showcased. But No! There are different chic kimono styles that are highly unique and styled. However, if you know how to wear it right, your nook will be chic as ever! Here are some kimono styles and ways to wear them from anything jeans to capris to long skirts. Thus, it is time to find out all about these fashionable must-haves that everyone needs in their closet!

Ankara Kimono styles

Kimono styles

With a close view and observation, you will see that this kimono Ankara style is a combination of two different styles. One is a sleeveless kimono jacket and the other is not. To wear the one with sleeveless, you need an accessory such as a belt that will be used to elevate your underneath wear and then leave the kimono just the way it stands on your body. On the other hand, use a belt to firm the kimono on top of the innerwear. Then, you are good!

Kimono styles

Have you seen, sew, or experienced a kimono with a belt before now? If not, you have to because you are going to look your best with it. It does not matter if you are slim or full size. All you need to do is wear this type of belt kimono with nice colorful pants like it is above. You might wear a camisole under your kimono if you are not comfortable with leaving it bare. Whichever way you choose, just make sure you mind the Ankara kimono belt.

Kimono looks

A kimono is commonly worn with a top and jeans underneath. This combination is not bad at all! It is trending ever than before because it will forever look good. Personally, a high heel is preferred but it depends on the person.

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When it comes to styling a free kimono like the one above, the beauty mostly comes out when you wear monochrome behind the kimono. When the up and down color match, the kimono stands and glows too.

Take note of this kimono style, the shorthand style is lovely.

Kimono fashion with Pocket

Kimono styles

The best feature of these looks is the pocket attached to their kimono. It will make it easy to pose nicely.

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