10 Sexy Ankara Gowns That Are Perfect For Your Weekend Outings

Weekends are for Owambe and we all know that! At the same time, every weekend cannot be the same from your side because not even every day is for Christmas. In other words, from each and everyone’s side, there must be a weekend or some weekends freed for Owambe. These weekends could be for you to see a friend, to ball out with your friends, go for a family or friends’ picnic, and more. However, for weekends, fabric like Ankara is common for people to wear. So, if you find yourself in this situation, here are 15 Ankara gowns we have set aside for you to go balling on weekends.

1) The Armless Petite Ankara Gown

The Ankara gown is simple but sexy enough to give you a beautiful face for your weekend outings. Apart from the fact that it is sexy, it is petite and this will give you that small face and body just the way you want it.

2) The One-sided Off Shoulder Ankara Gown

This gorgeous Ankara gown is everything that will make you up for a weekend space. The gown is too elegant to let go of.

3)The Bossy Look Ankara Gown

Do you want to look bossy for that weekend expedition? Here is the best Ankara gown that goes for that. The gown is replenished with respect, confidence, and glamour.

4) Make A Statement With This Ankara Gown

Two things are involved in this gown. It is casual and at the same time sexy. You can ever go wrong with it for weekends.

5)The All-In-One Ankara Gown

This gown can be swapped for casual, for Owambe and for events. So it depends on the event you feel like wearing it for.

6)Everything Casual Ankara Gown

If you want to be ever free for your weekend outfit. You don’t want to look too catchy and at the same time, want to be admired. Go for this Ankara.

7) The Petite One-Sided Off Shoulder Ankara Gown

The gown is elegant and classy. Your beautiful face is guaranteed with the gown.

8) Open Back Ankara Gown

The open back gown is sexy enough to give you that look you have ever wanted.

9) Target The Curve Ankara Gown

Hot and sexy showing how curvy and beautiful you are for every man to drool over you.

10) Off Shoulder Ankara Gown

This gown is simple, and gorgeous ready to make you stand out for the weekend.

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