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9 Corporate Outfits You Have To See If Looking Stylishly Formal Is Your Game 

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Figuring out corporate outfits to wear to a place of work throughout the week or to an event can be stressful. Just like a professional setting, corporate outfits have to be formal, appropriate, presentable, comfortable, well-fitted, and polished. As a fashion lover in Nigeria, we understand that you would love your corporate attire to look stylishly corporate. As a result, in this article, we talked about 9 corporate outfits for ladies in Nigeria who love to look stylish with their formal wears. 

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Our List of 9 Corporate Outfits For Ladies In Nigeria

1. Belted Dress (Paired with Ballet Flats)

2. Long Sleeve Shirt (Paired with Suit Pants)

3. Bodycon Dress (Paired with Stiletto Heels)

4. Jumpsuit (Paired with Toe Heels)

5. Sweater Dress (Paired with Stiletto Pumps Shoes)

6. Matching Set (Paired with Loafers)

7. Oversized blazer (Paired with Top and Suit Pants)

8. Pencil Skirt (Paired with Long Sleeve Shirts) 

9. Wrap dress(Paired with Slingback Heels) 

Belted Dress (Paired with Ballet Flats)

corporate outfits for ladies

A belted dress is a suitable outfit for corporate settings. Whether you want to go to a formal event or you are looking for outfits you can start wearing to work, this belted dress can help you get the perfect vibe. Its polished and well-fitted details make it a cool corporate attire. Moreover, if you are the type that loves simplicity plus chic, then you need to add a belted dress to your corporate outfits. Just add a ballet flat like it is above and you might be awarded the corporate lady for the day. In summary, a belted dress can save you when: 

  • You need a comfortable corporate wear 
  • You need a corporate outfit you can transition to another kind of outfit
  • You need a corporate outfit with lightweight fabric that will save you for hot seasons
  • You need sophisticated corporate outfits 
  • You don’t want to pair outfits (e.g a shirt and pants) 

Long Sleeve Shirt (Paired with Suit Pants)

corporate outfits for ladies

The combination of a long sleeve shirt and suit pants is one of the corporate outfits that can save ladies at formal events. A long sleeve is a versatile and unique outfit that you can pair with leggings, leather pants, jeans, skirts, and palazzo pants. However, we recommend pairing it with a pantsuit for corporate days as the combination of the two can easily adapt to work or formal settings. This is because a pantsuit is a non-denim pant that looks naturally formal.  So these two outfits are for you if: 

  • You need a corporate outfit that never goes out of style 
  • You wish to look strictly formal, competent, and confident. 
  • You need a versatile outfit 
  • You want to look stylishly formal 

Bodycon Dress (Paired with Stiletto Heels)

corporate outfits for ladies in Nigeria

This bodycon dress is a perfect corporate outfit for ladies who desire to look like a diva in their corporate outfits. The outfit has a neutral color that maintains a professional look. It also has a modest cut and appropriate length that makes it suitable for a professional setting. A bodycon dress for a corporate day would look so perfect when you layer it with a blazer or a classic cardigan. You will also need to accessorize it to add a touch of elegance and a sweet look to it. This outfit is for you: 

  • If you are a confident diva 
  • If you love layering 
  • If you love to wear heels all the time
  • If you want to look smart in the office

Jumpsuit (Paired with Toe Heels)

A jumpsuit is a go-to corporate outfit that naturally looks sophisticated and luxurious. It is a type of one-piece outfit that creates a polished and put-together

look. This outfit is time-saving, modest, and chic and perfect for a professional vibe especially when you pair it with magnificent heels. Another beautiful thing about a jumpsuit is that it looks good on everyone irrespective of body type. Although we recommend a black jumpsuit for corporate days you can have a variety of it in your wardrobe for days you are short of what to wear. Jumpsuit is for you if you: 

  • Want a comfy corporate outfit
  • Value a quick and easy work outfit
  • Want to make a professional statement with a single outfit
  • Want a corporate outfit you can easily switch

Sweater Dress (Paired with Stiletto Pumps Shoes) 

A high-quality sweater dress like this is perfect for a corporate setting. It is a versatile dress that is not only unique but stylish. This particular one is made with materials that are cozy and not totally casual, striking a balance between comfort and professionalism. Also, this sweater dress will fit well and flatter your body shape and this will boost your confidence at work. All you have to do is pair it with heels and you are good to go. This corporate outfit is for you if you: 

  • Desire unique dresses for work
  • Love simplicity 
  • Prefer to singularize your style

Matching Set (Paired with Loafers) 

corporate wears for ladies in Nigeria

Matching Set is an outfit that consists of two coordinating pieces that complement each other. It is an outfit that is perfect for corporate days and work settings. This outfit has got all the style attributes that you need to dress corporate and a quality made matching set like the above would make you stand out. To help your style game, you can complement the set with chic jewelry and a professional bag. You can also pair it with toe heels or loafers as any of these shoes would enhance the professional look. However, it is one of the best corporate wear if you choose one that is appropriate for work. Therefore,  this outfit is for you if you: 

  • Value easy-to-wear and time sav8ng corporate outfits.
  • Love outfits that are versatile and easy to transition into another look.
  • Want to establish a personal and consistent look at your place of work.
  • Love corporate wears you can easily purchase (matching sets come in a variety of designs) 

Oversized blazer (Paired with Top and Suit Pants)

corporate outfits for ladies

The first thing you should note about this outfit is that it is not just a blazer but an oversized blazer. An oversized blazer is a stylish and sophisticated outfit you can add to your corporate outfits. It naturally boosts your confidence when you wear it and gives you just the vibes you have always wanted. To make it look corporate, you need to layer it over a variety of tops, camisoles, or tees and we recommend that you pair it with suit pants. This oversized blazer will not only make you look corporate, but it will also make you look stylish and pretty among many others at your place of work. This outfit is perfect for: 

  • Ladies who love comfort at work. 
  • Ladies who love fashion and want to showcase their awareness of fashion trends. 
  • Ladies who want to have confidence at work or formal events. 
  • Ladies who love layering.

Pencil Skirt (Paired with Long Sleeve Shirts) 

corporate outfits for ladies

A pencil skirt is a common corporate outfit for ladies. However, some pencil skirts like the above are stylish and highly suitable for corporate outfits. The tailored details make it a stylish corporate skirt and the fitted cut of the skirt will help you create a sleek and confident look. You can pair pencil skirts with different tops or blouses but we recommend shirts or oversized blazers. In addition, you can wear classic pump or toe heels to complement the formal look. Pencil skirts ate for ladies who: 

  • Strictly values professionalism 
  • Do not like to wear trousers most often 
  • Want flattering shapes

Wrap dress(Paired with Slingback Heels) 

A wrap dress is another corporate outfit for ladies who love stylish looks. This dress is a simple and stylish dress that works well for a formal setting. The wrap part of the dress makes it unique and perfect for workplace dress codes. You can wear this wrap dress ordinarily or layer it with a jacket or sweater depending on the weather condition. With this wrap dress, all you need is a professional bag and a beautiful hairstyle. Then you are good to go. This outfit is for ladies who: 

  • Loves comfy and time-saving outfits. 
  • Loves to look attractive.
  • Want to feel empowered. 

FAQ on Corporate Outfits for Ladies 

How Can I Dress Corporate in Nigeria? 

To dress corporate in Nigeria, you have to consider the dress codes of an event or workplace. According to most companies in Nigeria, Jeans, revealing outfits or extremely colorful outfits is not appropriate as a corporate dress. In most cases, well-fitted tailored dresses, such as pencil skirts, pantsuits, wrap dresses, heels, loafers, or suede are most allowed. However, dressing corporate significantly depends on maintaining a well-groomed and culturally sensitive appearance. 

Is Native Corporate Wear? 

Native wear can be considered corporate wear. Although, it also depends on the atmosphere you want to wear the outfit to. There are ways you can look corporate with native clothes but most people think that native don’t really fit into the context of a formal setting. But if you would really love to look corporate with traditional wear, our tip is to incorporate traditional details into your corporate attire. For instance, you can use an Ankara fabric for your headwrap, or purchase Ankara bags or shoes.

What is the Best Corporate Dressing? 

The best corporate dressing is a combination of pencil skirts and long sleeve shirts, pantsuits and blazers, jumpsuits, Palazzo, and corporate dresses. 

Final Words 

In this post, we revealed 10 corporate outfits for ladies in Nigeria to wear to work or events. It is now your turn to choose the ones that match your preferences. 

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