5 ways to style clothes you already have

5 Ways To Style Clothes You Already Have (And Worn One Or More Times)

I have heard a lot of people say celebrities do not wear outfits more than once. I don’t know how true this is but if this is true, it is because they are celebrities and probably capable of it. As for me, I am a young girl doing most of my fashion activities on a budget (hahaha). More so, I am always in for stuff like this because styling is just my thing. If you are thinking of re-wearing outfits you’ve worn before, you didn’t miss the road. In this article, I talked about how ladies can style clothes they already have. That is, the outfits you are already familiar with. So let’s go!

Style by Layering the Outfit

Layering is a fashion trend that started in 2012 but gained a lot of attention in 2014. It involves buying a top and putting it underneath a different top. You can buy two different tops of the same color, and wear them together. When the top is shorter, you can wear it with a skirt or a pair of trousers. When you layer outfits, it gives your outfits a new look and makes you look fashionable. Below is a layered outfit look and here, a tank top is worn on top of a white blouse shirt to elevate the white shirt.

style clothes you already have
@niceleomuuteku via Instagram

Although, it is not necessary that you pair your shirt this way, but I really love this style and it is my best white shirt outfit idea. Apart from tank top, you can also wear your knitted or crochet sleeveless top on top of your white shirt. You might be wondering if layering outfits to style clothes you already have will be too hot for you. But it does not matter. To erase this doubt, you can read my article on how to layer outfits in summer.

Style with Jeans

What if I told you that there are ways you can combine your jean trousers with your favorite shirt and make the shirt look new? That is, if you have jeans and a shirt which you have worn once, then, you have the best of both worlds. How cool is that? See below.

style clothes you already have
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Here, a white shirt is tucked in at one side with denim pants. The shirt is skinny and it almost gives the hipster look. I think this is a very nice touch to the white shirt.

This is a baggy white shirt styled with denim. Unlike the first one, the baggy shirt is not tucked in but stylishly used as a belt. I regard that as a means of restyling and it really looks good.

See videos of the styles here.


Accessories Your Outfit

There are ways you can style clothes you already have with accessories. But in this case, I am not talking about all accessories. The basic accessories to style clothes are belts and jewelry. We all know that a blouse paired with pants is a great look on its own. But, to create a new look for the blouse, a belt can be used to enhance it. When I use a belt for my tops, I feel it makes my tops look more “outgoing”, and great. So it is what I often do to style the clothes I already have. Here is a similar look.

style clothes you already have
Instagram: zeina_fashion.1

As for jewelry, they are also beautiful and unique when styled with outfits. I think they are very easy to style, mostly shirts because of the way shirts are made. To do this, I will use my jewelry around my neck and put it around the collar of my shirt like it is below. This gives my shirt a new look and a nice touch.

Make Use of Scarfs

Like belts and jewelry, scarves are also a fashion accessory you can wear to enhance your outfit. On a winter day, when it is dark and cold outside, a scarf will keep you warm and add a style to your outfit. Scarfs can be worn around your neck, tied around your waist, or wrapped around your head. And they always look stylish. Watch the video here to see how a scarf is used to style a shirt.

It’s no wonder that a scarf is an extremely popular item for many fashion brands. It is also a way to decorate your outfits. A scarf tied to the end of a dress, pants, or t-shirt can make a huge difference. The scarf might look fancy, and depending on the outfit, it can make the outfit pop, the same way the belt and jewelry could. There are many other ways to create a new look with a scarf. You can check them out here. Also, in the video below, I love the way Hamdiya Hamid transforms a white shirt with a single scarf. She was the first person I learned from.

Turn your Skirt to Different Outfits

Another way you can get a new look is to turn your skirt into different outfits, such as making it into a top and going with it with a pair of trousers. I really love this styling because it involves loads of creativity. It looks so good and not a style any girl should miss. To see how to style your skirt in different outfits, you can follow the video here to achieve these looks.

When you style your skirt this way, no one would be able to realize that you have worn it several times especially when you keep changing style. Fashion is fun! Isn’t it?

Thank you for reading!

Before you go, I am sure I missed something. Please feel free to share your style tips and tricks with us. And let us know which style you will try next.

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