This week’s Dishy Celebs on The Gram I Crazily Fell In Love With

They got my attention while jejely surfing the gram

It wasn’t funny at all. I was surfing the Internet as usual trying to balance myself with the world updates, checking out for daily news and the normal Nigeria cruise and very funny jokes. As I was strolling, logging in and out of the popular social media, Instagram throughout this week, (in the month of June 2021), I came across some beautiful Nigerian female Celebrities whom although, I have been seeing them for a long period of time, their beauty this week really got me. Damn it! My eyes could not move past them and I had to stare at their pictures like never before.

Beauty is a hard thing on the neck that you can have today and not get tomorrow. I notice that the makeup glam adds a different touch to each look that we see on the gram. For instance, a female celebrity can be more beautiful on Instagram than yesterday. Beauty does not stay in one position and this is why these female celebrities top my beauty picks at Shodamia. Below, you will see the three beautiful Nigerian Female Celebrities that I have chosen for this week. Don’t hesitate to enjoy your views and lick the screen if you want (Lolz).

Meet The Beautiful Nigerian Female Celebrities

Kehinde Bankole

She is a Nigerian actor who is fond of using acting to show her level of creativity. Kehinde Bankole has a twin sister who looks very much like her and they look pretty together. See them below.

Apart from being an actor, Kehinde Bankole is a fashion enthusiast who is into buying and selling Jewelry. A founder of the Kenny Banks jewelry collection.

beautiful Nigerian female celebrities

Her recent pictures are where she flaunts her Afro Hair and natural hairstyle. She also complemented it with a good-looking comfy two-piece graphic outfit and everything just looked perfect on her.

Sophia Momodu

Sophia Momodu is the first baby mama of the popular Nigerian singer, Davido. She is a fashion connoisseur and a brand influencer. Sophia celebrated her birthday on the 9th of June, 2021 and her birthday photoshoot made me bubble. It is not your regular birthday photoshoot!

Beautiful Nigerian Female Celebrity: Sharon Ooja  Egwurube

beautiful Nigerian female celebrities

Sharon Ooja  Egwurube is a Nigerian actor who is so passionate about beauty, fashion, and acting. She loves to rate herself beyond what people think of her. No doubt, the skinny girl is a diva and I love the way she smiles, poses for photos, and voice for her movies.

Which of these three Nigerian Celebrities do you agree as most beautiful for the week?

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