How To Discover Your Passion And Live a Good Life With It

The time to start using your passion to get what you want is now!

A Good Life

A Good Life is what everybody wants because it is inside it, you find peace and happiness. To wish for a good life is so easy as writing it but to get it or have it is tough. Part of having a good life is ‘wealth’ because there is always a deep joy putting hands in your pocket to buy a car, accessories, beauty products, pay for courses, eBooks, and many other needs. This is how peace and joy evolve. One of the ways you can achieve a good life is to discover your passion and this is what this article is all about. In this article, you are going to read:

  • What is passion?
  • Relationship between passion and talent.
  • How does discovering one’s passion feels like?
  • How to realize your passion (with passion examples).
  • Tips to discover your passion career

At the end of this article, I assure you, you will be able to realize your passion, and not only that, but you will also be able to understand how you can start living a good life with your passion.  So, in essence, you are expected to have the idea of:

Your passion career, what you should begin with your passion, how to derive happiness from your passion, and also, you will figure out if you can make it or not in life with your passion.

Let’s dig in!

What Is Passion?

The dictionary described passion in a way that best defined it. According to it, passion is a “fire in the belly, and a great, strong powerful emotion.” When you see a fire in action, you realize it burns as many as possible things it met on its way without minding who is there or not. The energy that fire gives with its flames is so energetic that it finds it interesting as it burns. This is the extent you can also go if you have passion for anything.

Passion is what you are attached to, what you have gotten used to, that has become part of you, the fire in your belly that makes you get to work, non-stop. Passion is the zeal and the smile on your face for a particular thing.  It is also what makes you different from others because it makes you do what amazes them.

Relationship Between Passion And Talent

Passion and talent are two different things. When you have a passion for work, it does not mean you talented at it. Talent is an attribute you barely search for before you find it. It is what you have already seen, a God-given attribute that you are naturally skilled at. You can have a passion but no talent. Few people in the world have talent and if you see them, their natural ability is always appreciated and good. On the other hand, passion is a general thing that almost everyone has even though, many are yet to realize it.

There is a difference between being talented at sketching and being passionate about sketching. If you are talented at sketching, it means you are naturally good at it. This is what anyone could wake you up in the middle of the night to do and you will do it perfectly. If it is a passion you have for sketching, it means you have a zeal for it, you love attaching yourself to it to the extent that you prefer taking your pencil and start sketching without minding if it is rubbish or not good enough. Thus, to be skilled at it, you will have to learn how to do it. As you can see, this is different from talent.

How Does Realizing One’s Passion Feels Like?

It is like your favorite music, the one you feel like screaming or dancing to whenever you hear the sound. It is also like your favorite artist, the one who exhilarates you like no other. When you discover your passion, you will always dance to its tune because nothing else could make you happier than it does. You will feel like you are doing the best thing in the world and no matter how people discourage you from doing it, you will always go back to it. So, if you discover your passion, it will make you develop yourself, love yourself and improve your personal development because your passion is the real ‘you

How To Realize Your Passion

How to discover your passion

Do you have a particular activity that you do in at least two days irrespective of your busy schedule? It could be anything, just think of it! Is there something you prefer to do in your leisure time? Then, this is your passion! If your passion is cooking, you will realize it by the way you react to cooking recipes, how much you are damn close to the kitchen itself. If you often go there, practicing how to make different types of dinner meal or fruit juice and you even go to the extent of researching healthy and delicious recipes, and you don’t mind what time you spent on looking for ways to be creative in your cooking, you don’t have to go far again. That is your passion!

There is a peculiar thing to note about passion. It is what people (friends or family) will notice in you because it is the only thing they have caught you doing for several days. Right from time as an undergraduate, I have realized I am so passionate about reading blog articles. So, after school, I went for service and it continued. Many of my friends are always particular about what I find interesting reading these blog posts. But then, this is me and I can not be them, they cannot be me. My passion! The fact is many of my friends have different things they are all passionate about too and this is how it is.

After reading this article to the end, think about what you have always been doing from the past till the time you read this article. Do you like it? Do you want it? You can do without it but you always want it by your side? Does it make you smile and make you overcome some petty circumstances? Again! Ask yourself, what is that something you love doing and cannot stop doing as long as it exists?

Hint: If you discover your passion, you will get to see that you are living a good life with it.

Tips To Discover Your Passion Career

If you have been following, you should remember I said ‘part of living a good life is realizing your passion.” In this session, you will learn:

  • How to choose a career path with your passion (this equals live a good life)

After you have discovered your passion, you may be confused about what livelihood to choose with it. No worries, follow these conversations below.

  • Reader: I am so passionate about writing.
  • Writer: What kind of writing do you write often?
  • Reader: Most times, I write about erotic stories.
  • Writer: oh wow! How many stories have you written?
  • Reader: I have written so many. I use to write every day.
  • Writer: Good, to choose your career with this passion, you have to do good research, study what people keep doing with your passion. Check how they have established themselves as a writer in your field and make sure you network. Click here for a more detailed conversation on how to do the listed above.

When I realize I’m so passionate about reading blog posts, I seized my time to examine the kind of blog posts I have read most. I realized it is fashion, lifestyle, relationship, and the celebrity news category. So, after doing most of the things mentioned in the above link, I started my career as a lifestyle blogger, and doing this, is my greatest joy because it is what I love to do.

To know your passion career is the simple thing to do after you have understood the nature of your passion. Mind you, there is no 100% guarantee that you will succeed in your passion career but the probability to be successful at it is very high because no matter the number of times you fall, you will always stand. After all, the career is in you and you are in it.

The Best Advice: Life is beautiful when it is yummy. So when you have nothing to do, jobless or hopeless, you can always rely on your passion and strategize on how you can start living a good life with it.

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