dove cream for fair skin

5 Best Dove Cream For Fair Skin Ladies In Nigeria

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Our team of skincare experts conducted comprehensive research on Dove cream products that are best for fair skin. They reviewed each of them based on formulation, ingredients, customer reviews, and dermatologist ratings. Below are their results of the best dove cream for fair skin ladies in Nigeria. 

Don’t just assume that any type of Dove cream is best for you and spend thousands of naira on the wrong product. Our advice is to stick with what the pros recommend for you.

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Best Dove Cream for Fair Skin 

dove cream for fair skin

Here are 5 Dove creams that are best for fair skin

1. Dove Whipped Body Cream 

Dove Whipped Body Cream is a rich, whipped body cream that will make you look young forever. The cream nourishes the skin deeply and safely brightens it to restore the skin’s natural nutrients. Dove Whipped is produced to remove dull skin or skin blemishes to leave the skin silky and smooth. 

Key features:

  • It has ¼ moisturizing cream 
  • Helps to get rid of skin rashes
  • Fast and quick results 
  • Helps to get rid of sunburn 
  • Creamy fragrance 
  • Restore skin’s natural look 

Why is Dove Whipped Body Cream a Good Choice for Fair Skin? 

 Dove Whipped Body Cream is one of the best Dove creams for fair skin and in this section of our article, you will get to know the reason why. 

The active ingredient of Dove Whipped Body Cream is Pomegranate seeds. These seeds are a powerful seed that contains vitamin C and polyphenols which can help the skin from getting affected by environmental contamination. In addition, Pomegranate seeds have natural moisturizing properties that can help to reduce skin redness, blemishes, or any other skin condition and it can also prevent the skin from getting dry. 

Remember that fair skin ladies are prone to redness and inflammation because of their sensitive skin. So, if they use Dove Whipped Body cream, there is a low probability that they will have skin rashes because the cream has mainly pomegranate seeds and other key ingredients which can prevent skin inflammation. 

Other ingredients: Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glycol Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, and Petrolatum

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2. Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream 

As the name implies, Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream is a cream that nourishes any dry skin. The cream is produced to provide rich moisturizing treatment. This beauty cream is perfect for fair skin ladies who want to look naturally beautiful all the time and who want to keep having a soft skin texture. 

Key Features:

  • Rich Intensive Moisturizer 
  • Creamy texture 
  • Pleasant fragrance 
  • It is non-greasy 
  • It comes in different sizes 

Why is Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream a Good Choice for Fair Skin? 

Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream is the second best Dove cream for fair skin that we selected on our list. In this section, get ready to know the reason why. 

Dimethicone is the active ingredient used to produce Dove Nourishing Body Care. It is an ingredient that is commonly used for skin care products because of its way-far-beyond benefits. This ingredient has a protective layer that helps hinder the skin from contacting bacteria that will lead to rashes on the face or body. Dimethicone is also non-comedogenic which means that products that have Dimethicone have a low probability to cause pores or acne breakouts. 

Fair skin ladies are prone to environmental aggressors because they have very sensitive skin. Any little contact with some things in the environment can affect the skin of fair ladies. So because Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream has an ingredient called Dimethicone, it is one of the creams that are best for fair skin. 

Other ingredients: Mineral Oil/Paraffinum Liquid, Glycerin, Glycol Stearate, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Glyceryl stearate, Triethanolamine, and Paraffin. 

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3. Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream 

Do you have oily skin or your skin gets dry all the time? Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream is all you need. This beauty cream is produced with luxurious moisturizers that will soften your skin texture irrespective of your gender. In other words, this beauty cream is a perfect product for both men and women. 

Key features:

  • It is Non-Greasy 
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Dermatological my tested 
  • Rich formula 

Why is Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream a Good Choice for Fair Skin? 

In this section, Get ready to know why Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream is the best for fair skin. 

The first feature of this cream that made it one of the best is that IT IS PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Irrespective of whether you have dark or fair skin, this beauty cream will work for you. Another feature is that it is produced with lactic acid, an ingredient that has an exfoliating effect that helps to prevent bumpy skin. Lactic acid also has the ability to rejuvenate the skin, brighten and smoothen it. 

At this point, remember that fair skin needs to have or keep appearing radiant and luminous all the time. However, considering all these features, the active ingredient which is lactic acid and other ingredients, Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream is one of the best for your skin. 

Other ingredients: Stearic Acid, Helianthus Annuus Hybrid Oil, Sorbitol, Caprylic, and Cyclopentasiloxane. 

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4. Dove DermaSeries Body Lotion 

dove cream for fair skin

Dove Dermaseries Body Lotion is one of Dove Dermaseries Products. This body and face cream is specially dedicated to extremely sensitive and dry skin. It is like the cream is here to say that “No matter the situation of your skin, we are here to stay.” it helps to protect the skin from rashes, put the skin in a comfort zone, and restore its natural appearance. 

Key features: 

  • Made with Dove’s powerful moisturizers
  • Specially for severely dry skin
  • Unlock skin’s natural look 
  • Clinically proven 
  • Dermatological my recommended 
  • Non-sticky formula 
  • Fragrance-free

Why is it a Good Choice for Fair Skin? 

One important reason why Dove DermaSeries Body Lotion is best for fair skin girls is because of its fragrance-free feature. Sometimes, fragrance can be irritating to sensitive skin like fair skin. However, a cream like this is produced to be fragrance-free to reduce the potential risk of skin irritation. 

Most importantly, Dove DermaSeries Body Lotion has undergone rigorous tests by dermatologists which means that it has been clinically proven and the effectiveness is certain. Tell me why else you would not want to use this cream. 

Key ingredients: Dimethicone, Dipropylene, Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Caprylic\/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Palmitate.

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5. Dove Lavender and Coconut Body Cream

dove cream for fair skin

This is another type of dove cream that is perfect for fair skin. Apart from the fact that this cream has a pleasant fragrance, it also nourishes the skin. With its relaxing lavender and coconut milk, the cream moisturizes the skin and gives it a soft and smooth texture. 

Key features: 

  • Lavender and coconut milk scent 
  • Non-greasy texture 
  • 72hrs moisturization 
  • Sulfate-free formula 

Why is it a Good Choice For Fair Skin? 

Two things are very important to fair skin and they are BALANCE and NATURAL. Fair skin needs to maintain a natural look and use a cream that will balance the natural look and not disrupt it. This Dove Lavender cream can help to achieve this. This cream is produced with a sulfate-free formula. 

If you did not know before, a cream that contains sulfate can have a bad effect on fair skin because sulfate products can sometimes be harsh or cause dryness to the skin. 

Key ingredients are Water, glycerin, stearic acid, isopropyl palmitate, Lavandula hybrida oil, and glycerin. 

5 Best Dove Cream for Fair Skin Price Table 

dove cream for fair skin

Here is a table for the prices of the 5 best Dove cream for fair skin 

            PRODUCT    PRICES
   Dove Whipped Body Cream   N 6,750
   Dove Nourishing Body Care Cream   N 4,800
   Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream   N 6,000
   Dove DermaSeries Body Lotion   N 17,000
   Dove Lavender and Coconut Cream   N 8,900

Possible Questions 

How will I know which one to buy since all of these dove creams are the best? 

Each of the creams listed here is best for fair skin. All you have to do is choose based on the one that has the most valuable features for you or the one that you can afford 

Can you apply Dove Cream on your face? 

Yes! You can apply Dove Cream to both your body and face

I am a fair skin lady. Which of these best dove cream will work for me? 

Any of these 5 dove creams that above will work for you because the features of the cream are perfect for fair-skinned girls. 

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Final words 

In this post, we reviewed the best Dove cream for fair skin ladies in Nigeria and their prices. Now it is your turn to carefully read and choose the best for you based on your preferences, features, and budget. 

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