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Latest Abaya Styles + Alternatives We Recommend For You 

Fellow Muslimah! This is your time to shine....

We cannot even lie. Abayas are a special dose of Eid occasions no matter how costly or cheap they are. I am one of those who love Abayas and always want to have many of them in my wardrobe especially because new abaya styles keep emerging each season and it is always cool not just to see them but to purchase them. This is why in this post we discussed and showed you the pictures of the latest abaya styles in Nigeria. In addition to this, we also discussed and listed pictures of abaya style alternatives that you can wear instead of the traditional abaya. So, make sure you read and view on till you find your style. 

Latest Abaya Styles In Nigeria

Before we proceed to check out our abaya style alternatives, let us take a look at some latest abaya styles in Nigeria. A combination of simple abaya styles, chiffon abaya styles, and Dubai Abaya styles. 

Abaya Styles Alternatives According to Mercy Aigbe 

Mercy Aigbe, a Nigeria celebrity Diva, has been giving us back-to-back Minna outfits on social media. Recall that the style diva just tied the knot with a Muslim celebrity, Kazeem Adeoti, and ever since then, Mercy Aigbe has been serving us some Muslim dresses that are incredibly gorgeous. Just take your cup of coffee while you bless your view at this moment. 

The Sophisticated Abaya Style Alternative 

Abaya styles

As the name implies, this design is beautiful and makes a fabulous style statement. It presents a solution for people who would love to wear abaya styles with stone designs. Like a stone abaya, this dress is also designed with stones, covering the whole body. This design is perfect for Muslim girls who are looking for something different from the traditional abaya and beautiful enough to make them stand out. In addition, you can go for this style if you don’t really mind showing a bit of your curves. 

The Premium Abaya Alternative 

Abaya styles

If you like the Egypt abaya design, this is the perfect outfit for you. One sweet similarity between this style and the usual Egyptian abaya is that it covers the whole body. Another similarity is the expensive look. The outfit has expensive details, just like the Egyptian abaya; if you go for it, it would add class to your look on Eid day.

Simple Abaya Style Alternatives 

Abaya styles
Abaya styles
Abaya styles
Abaya styles

These abaya alternatives are for those who love simple abaya styles. The outfits are made with classy simple fabrics that make the outfit look classy and elegant. However, they are perfect for Muslim ladies who would love to look simple and elegant on Eid day.

Iyawo Alhaji Abaya Alternative 

Abaya styles

This outfit is especially for Muslim ladies who are looking for something very comfortable to wear. As the name implies, wearing the outfit will illustrate you as a wife of an Alhaji, a Muslim with class. Just ensure you pair it with a beautiful scarf like the one in the pictures above. 

The Rich Woman Abaya Alternative 

Abaya styles
Abaya styles
Abaya styles
Abaya styles
Abaya styles

These Abaya outfits are classy and stylish. There is no doubt that one of them will make you stand out for the upcoming 2023 Eid occasion. Apart from their unique designs, they are made with nice and expensive fabrics that make them look great and luxurious.

“Let’s go north” Abaya Alternative 

Abaya styles

Do you love the hausas’ pretty looks? Are you in love with how they tie their scarves and sew their different traditional outfits? Then, these abaya alternatives are for you. They don’t have to wear an abaya in the northern area before they look exceptionally beautiful and classy. Their expensive Ankara styles and lace styles are too good for them. You can also try it. Just ensure you have fabulous jewelry and learn how to tie the Hausa turban style.  

Note: Some Muslim ladies may regard these abaya style alternatives as abaya dresses. But abaya dresses are commonly known as traditional wear that usually looks more demure and less revealing than a burka. These dresses are specially made out of lightweight fabrics like polyester, chiffon, or crepe. In addition, they have one specific common feature: the “Arabian look.” Check below for some of the typical abayas. 

Abaya Prices in Nigeria 

In this section, I will tell you the prices of different traditional abayas in Nigeria. 

Note: Abaya prices in the whole of Nigeria can vary depending on the brand and the location. But most times, these pieces are always similar

   Egyptian Abaya   N28,000-35,000
   Kaftan Abaya   N10,000-35,000
  Turkey Abaya   N20,000-30,000
  Thrift Abaya   N7,000-8,000
   Dubai Abaya   N20,000-40,000

Abaya designs Pictures Ideas 

Here, we listed abaya styles that you can recreate for Eid if you do not want to buy it online. 

Batwing Abaya 

Abaya styles

Maxi Abaya 

Layered Chiffon Abaya Styles 

Two-piece Abaya Styles 

Abaya styles

Organza Abaya Styles 

Abaya styles

Three-piece Abaya Styles 

Turtleneck Abaya Styles 

Final Words 

In this post, we have listed the latest Abaya styles in Nigeria, abaya alternatives, and their prices. Now it is your turn to choose your choice. 

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Abaya styles
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