How To Switch Up Your Looks Using Your Wardrobe Basics

The easiest thing to do but many don't know

In this article, you will learn how to change your look to different styles using your wardrobe Basics Like shirts, pants, body hug tops, and more.

The life of celebrities is different from others. Hardly will you see them repeat an outfit twice. Perhaps they do that too, but make sure they do not flaunts it on their social page, we can never tell. Celebrities are stereotyped as rich people and many of their fans do not expect some actions from them. One of them is to see them wearing a cloth twice. They already know this is what fans think about them, so they will not wear it unless the occasion demands it.

As for the style bloggers, they are free to switch up wears as this is what they are good at. They know how to change looks using outfits and they will look like they just wear a new one. You should know them for their work. So, I am one of them and this is why I want to teach you how you can switch up wears like you just put on another.

In case you do not understand what Switching up looks means, just continue reading and you will get it.

If you have one white shirt (wardrobe basic), you can fake the shirt another day to make people feel like you wear another one. Also, it could be your denim (wardrobe basic), style it in a way that people will feel like you just unleash another new denim. Whereas, it is the same denim. Interesting right? yes! that’s the beauty of creativity.

Swap Your Looks With Denim

Analysis of the two pictures

As you can see, the two fashion icons are wearing denim trousers. As a fashion lover, you can switch up your denim jean using these styles. Switch your denim jean from picture A to picture B using your ankle heels or your sandal, the one that looks exactly like the picture B heels. From there, you have given your ordinary jean a new look.

How to Change Your Look with Your Blazer

Give your blazer a new look by adding a belt to it the next day you feel like you should rick it.

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Switch Up Your White Shirts

How to change your looks

A white shirt is a top-notch wardrobe basic that you need mostly for switching up. As you can see in the images above that A rocked a white shirt and B also did differently.

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