Wathoni, Nengi and Iniedo Are Another reason Why Every Woman Should Rock Red Outfits.

The Release of red outfits from Iniedo, Nengi, and Wathoni captured us again. The reason why we find it necessary to let it capture every other woman out there too.  Here are our curated red outfits below.

This is a red palazzo jumpsuit from Iniedo and the style wouldn’t have come out this way if not for the red hue. Palazzo jumpsuit is common everywhere and this is what even a nonfashionista should have in their wardrobe but what makes it unique is the red that it is.


Nengi is putting on a red body hug gown and two things made the gown looks lovely. The length and the color. If the gown happened to be any other color and a short one, it would have looked nothing but ordinary. This is the power of red that makes it capture people’s attention. 

Wathoni looked so good with this balloon sleeve especially because it is a red balloon sleeve. Imagine it as blue or black, it wouldn’t have come out like this. The outfit ordinarily is a jumpsuit that wouldn’t have been special if not for the balloon sleeve and its color. The power of red cannot be destroyed but only appreciated. 

As a woman, you have no excuse for not having a red outfit in your wardrobe if you love looking good. Red is a hue that every woman should love. 
Which of these outfits do you love most?

Maryam Awodele
Maryam Awodele

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