Latest Ankara Long gown Styles

15 Latest Ankara Long Gown Styles (The Northern Series)

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This section is the Hausa series, where you will see latest Ankara long gown styles mostly curated in the northern arenas. The Hausa fashion girls are called Arewa in their linguistic expressions. And while Hausa fashion has grown over the years, it has also received serious fashion attention. This is because the exposure, particularly the attention to Ankara, has led to the availability of long gowns in different shapes and designs. So, when it comes to different types of Ankara long gown styles, the Hausas are the best. Yes! They have the best fashion designers who can curate a classic yet modest look for you. And guess what? It does not matter if you are not a northerner or an Arewa lady. These styles will definitely look perfect on anyone.

Below, you will see different latest Northern Ankara long gown styles with a different print or color added to it. So, feel free to enjoy the views.

Ankara Long Gowns With Beautiful Designs + Arewa Ladies Ankara Styles

Latest Ankara Long gown Styles
Latest Ankara Long gown Styles
Latest Ankara Long gown Styles

If you thinking about getting an Ankara long gown style with premium designs? Then you can choose any of these.

Bling Bling Ankara Designs

These are ankara bling bling styles. They are quite popular with the high life ladies and married women. This style is definitely out of the common and full of creative touch. So if you vote for it, you can’t miss it!

Simple Ankara Long Gown Designs

Latest Ankara Long gown Styles
Latest Ankara Long gown Styles

Do you want a style that involve only your Ankara Print or looking for styles that may require pretty less budget? Then, this is for you. This Ankara style is simple yet classy with minimal but delicate embellishments. So, it would make a great fashion statement for your next occasion.

Simple Hausa Ankara Styles

Here is a latest Ankara Long gown style that looks like it comes from the western countries. It has chic and clean styling and obviously, it will be perfectly set for your body.

The fun does not end here! A beautiful ankara style always come with an elegant fabric. So check here for our latest Ankara fabric design before you leave.

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