20 Fabulous Styles To Sew With Your 1 Yard Of Ankara Fabric

Styles that one yard of Ankara Fabrics can sew

Do you have a few 1 yard Ankara fabrics and you are not sure about what to sew with them? Issues of left Ankara fabrics happen constantly to everyone most especially ladies. Sometimes, due to some reason, your tailor may not finish your fabric and decide to give it to you so you can make use of it. Most times, such leftover fabrics are always one or two yards. Before you know it, as this happens frequently, you will get to have as many as possible one yards of Ankara fabrics/fabrics in your closet. So, if you are the one in this situation with loads of one yard of Ankara fabrics sitting and stirring at you in your wardrobe, this article is for you.

We all know that one-yard fabrics are so minute and light to the extent that they hardly get enough for any style. This is the primary reason why many ladies find it difficult to figure out what styles to sew with them. At a point, you might feel like abandoning them or turn them into rags. Now that you are here, you will definitely stop doing that because we have curated for you in this article, 10 fantastic styles you can sew with your one yard of Ankara fabrics or fabrics. Make sure you choose the best for yourself.

Ankara Tops

Although one yard of Ankara can not be enough for all different kinds of tops, there are ways to manipulate them for beautiful styles like the ones below.

You can make good use of your 1 yard Ankara with either of the two styles above. They are lovely!

Also, if you do not want to patch your one yard Ankara with another material and want it ample as a top, you can go with the styles above.

Ankara Gown

Do you love gowns like no other and you will like to use your spare Ankara fabric for gowns? Then, you should go for any of the styles below.

The mixture of two fabrics for a particular style is fabulous and will look good on you too. Try it with your one yards of fabrics.

Ankara Shorts

Shorts are generally short and they go well for one yard of fabrics. The only thing you need to know more is styling.

Style your Ankara short with sneakers and tees.

Style with wardrobe basic, a white T. Shirt.

You can always make it casual.

Ankara Skirts

One yard of Ankara fabric can be use to sew skirts of different type but the short, mini and micro skirts.

One yard of Ankara fabrics is not in any way useless. In fact, they make it possible for fashion designers to be creative and think about new styles.

You did not see what you want in the above styles or you want to see more of 1 yard Ankara styles? Watch the video below.

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