23 Quality Valentine Gifts For Men And Women To Enjoy This Season

Valentine’s day is around the corner and this day is not just a day but a day you should separate for loved ones. It is a special day to express that feeling to your wife to let her know that she is not just the woman of your child/children but the one you want to continue to cherish for the rest of your life. Also, to your girlfriend whom you willing to get married to in the future, Valentine’s day is the biggest moment to express the rare love you have for her.

However, Valentine’s Day is not attached to men only. Women must also take part to let their men know that they are not bound to an unrequited kind of relationship. In other words, as a woman, if you buy a gift for your man, he will appreciate it and be more calm and sure that you love him just like he does.

So, what kind of gift can you buy for your woman or man on this special day? Every question concerning gifts that you have in mind is answered here. We have curated for you, 23 romantic and quality gift you can get for your woman or man. Do not forget that, he/she is special to you. Therefore, he/she deserves a quality gift on such special day. So do well to make your spouse happy by buying one of these products to brighten your Valentine’s day.

1. Red Gift Box || N 5,000

The red gift box is stylish, durable, handy plus a secured cover. Presenting your Valentine’s gift in a box makes the gift more unique and classy, The desire to hide the identity of a gift until just the right moment led people to wrap gifts long, long ago. Presenting your gift in a box will put a smile on the face of that special person in your life. It will give your spouse more joy as he/she opens it. Therefore, whatever gift you want to present to your woman or man on Valentine’s day should be well packaged.

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2. Purple Valentine Gift Box || N 18,000

This purple box is stylish, durable, sophisticating, with a secured cover

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3. Valentine Gift Package ||N 15, 000

It is a luxury valentine gift for women. It consists of a unique silver wrist watch, 15 inches teddy bear, a pack containing 50 bars of oat choco, 100ml hummer perfume rose flower, and a 14 inches white face towel. The gift package is ready to brighten your woman’s day and make her feel more special than before.

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4. Celebration Chocolate Tub Gift ||N 7,000

A 650g Plastic tub gift containing miniature versions of all your favourite chocolate brands, ideal for sharing around, perfect for snack time, and it is a Quality product. It is an assortment of milk chocolates and milk chocolate. It can be gifted to both men and women. Perfect for the day as it will be licked while having a romantic discussion.

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5. Valentine Goody Pack || N 5, 000

It is the season of Love ❤️. This Valentine’s goody pack contains the finest collection of carefully selected premium luxury chocolates in a heart shaped box. Very beautifully presented and designed for the love season. It also contains a red,velvet, cute throw pillow which is perfect for display and decoration. Lastly it contains a shimmering red gift bag for of carriage. Now you have no excuse not to give a gift! This is a unisex gift

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6. Female Crystal Bracelet ||N 1,250

The silver crystal bracelet is glamorous with its artificial diamond. It is perfect as a gift on Valentine’s day to the woman of your heart. Your women will look overjoyed and beautiful using this.

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7. Valentine Gift Package For Him ||N 7,000

A unique gift that consists of a unique wristwatch, 100ml hummer perfume, and cufflink. Perfect for your man to show him as the real man he is. It will make your man feel special among million men. It will also assure him, the love you have for him.

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8. Hennessy Valentines Gift For Him ||N 13,000

Hennessy Val Gift is a perfect combination of attractive scents. It us alluring and captivating, classy and affordable, perfect gift set for your man or loved ones. When buying a gift for your man this VALENTINE, this gift set makes a great choice. Embodies an energetic experience that is appropriate for such a special day. 

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9. Rose Teddy Bear || $18.99

This Rose Flower will never wither and die. The Eternal Rose Flower is perfect and impeccable. Elegant Red Rose, the warm lights and more come together in this beautiful arrangement. Your women will feel 100% special for the first time in 2021.

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10. Women Exotic Lingerie ||$16.39

Women Lingerie feature with front closure, open front,adjustable shoulder strap,deep v-neck and asymmetrical hem. A great gifts for women to perfect and complete the night of valentine’s day.

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11. Heart Necklace ||$26.55

♥I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK♥ The heart is a symbol for love, and represents the “central wisdom of feeling”. Perfect for women and come in a pretty royal blue gift box, it is gorgeous to wear and great as a gift, suits for all age group. Ideal gift for mother, for girlfriend, for close friends or for wife, on Valentine’s Day.

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12. Best Husband Mug || $16.75

THE husband nutrition facts mug with six phrases to be sure to make your husband feel special on Valentine’s day. It will make him smile every time he looks at this husband’s mug. Related: 52 Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

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13. Funny Love Card ||$7.99

The card is a Valentine’s card that is romantic and funny. It consists of a funny word expression from the woman. If you buy this for your man, he will blush and feel on top of the world with the feeling that he owns the whole of your b**bs. You can’t let this go you know.

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14. Chain Bracelet ||$19.98

It is 12MM in width, 9 inches in length. 1/2 inches in width. Unique Design Clasp, Easier to Put on or Take off. Black quality polished finished. Clasp link twinned with little cross chain bracelet. Idea Gift for him after being Wrapped in a beautiful gift box, present for boyfriends, husband or loved ones. (Male)

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15. Drive Safe Keychain || $11.99

The keychain is a high polish super charming chain. It is a gift for everyday whereabouts perfect for your man who has a car. The more he sees and read these words while he takes his car around, the more you make him smile. Love is beautiful when you express it!

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16. Sweatshirt For Wives ||$39.99

This Wifey sweatshirt is great for a for couples getting married, just married, engaged couples, bride or mrs. Perfect for wife to wear to cinema and other events on Valentine’s day. This will beautify you and your beautiful wifey.

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17. Couple Chain Necklace ||N 1,699

  • Nice accessories to integrate jewelry case for girls and collectors. Match with suitable apparel for different occasion. It is a wonderful gift for your spouse and you. Catch this beautiful accessories for you and her and do not allow it to go.

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18. Men’s Slim Wallet ||$29.95 

Travando’s Wallet offers 11 card pockets. The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills etc.. The outside notch allows you to push out the cards easily. It is elegant, quality and convenience.

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19. Valentine Day Teddy Bear ||N9,999

Vivid and bright rose bear, natural petal texture and fold, rich and thick petals, and the gorgeous visual effect shock your eyes. This is a good choose as a gift for your lover in Valentine Day. lt is a large supersoft teddy bear with valuable gift impression.

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20. Flower Bouquet Scented Soap Roses ||N 940

Romantic rose soap flower with little bear. The rose is made of soap which can use to wash hands or baths.
Every woman likes to receive bunches of roses on behalf of fiery love. Perfect for Valentine because when receiving beautifully packaged, bright dripping roses, women often feel very happy at that moment.

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21. Teddy Bear Rose Pink Teddy Bear Valentine’s Gift For Your Love ||N 85,000

Give the lady you love a gift made of artificial roses that will last forever! A gorgeous decorative rose teddy bear made of soft synthetic roses in a romantic red color. The perfect gift that will look great as a decoration piece in your loved one’s home or office. These Styrofoam bears are 100% handmade, covered with soft, faux rose petals that are glued on individually. It includes a high quality display box.

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22. Valentine Day Gift ||N5, 900

Now it’s the time to surprise your loved ones with this gift set filled with premium products. It is an affordable yet classy gift. It contains the best and affordable gift item(s)! Also, a perfect combination of attractive package. This is a perfect gift set that can make someone’s day.

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23. 2 Gold Foil Plated Rose || N 2,090

The Gold rose is perfect for your man or woman on Valentine day

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