20 Fun And Crazy Things To Add To Spooky Basket For Boyfriend

Read this if you are ready to make your boyfriend special

Do you want a safe Halloween in which you can make sure your boyfriend’s confidence stays high? Then you better get yourself a nice spooky basket filled with fun and wacky things to remind your boyfriend that he is special and he isn’t the only one who can enjoy Halloween! You can also make it a token of your love and appreciation. But in case you are dying to create a unique and juicy spooky basket for your boyfriend. We have got you! Below are 20 things you can add to a spooky basket for your boyfriend to make him relaxed, have fun, and not be too frightening.

1. Halloween face stickers

spooky basket for boyfriend

With face stickers, you can make your boyfriend look like a funky pumpkin. Make a plastic mask for him and make sure you do a happy face with a circle of lips and round eyes. Print a few of these and stick n his face. Voila! You have managed to create a fun and scary Halloween face.

2. Colorful spider rings

Just like face stickers, you can also make or buy a pretty spider ring for your boyfriend. You can use clear wire, paint them blue or black, buy a nice spider decoration and attach it to the ring. This will look great on his hand and he can also put it in a bowl with a few other spiders to make it seem even more scary!

3. Freak out bag

spooky basket for boyfriend

If you are keen on adding some scary things into a spooky basket for your boyfriend, then why not try this with books, candy, and snacks. You can also make scary decorations using newspapers and newspaper cut-outs.

4. Floppy hats

Floppy hats are a safe way of adding spooky fun to a Halloween basket. These hats are super cute and really make users look good. You can also buy hats and achieve a gothic creativity.

5. Monster lip gloss

spooky basket for boyfriend

For your boyfriend to look the most dramatic, buy him a Frankenstein lip gloss. Fill a tiny bottle with whatever is your favorite color of lipstick and smudge it on.

6. Care bears

spooky basket for boyfriend

A surprising yet a spooky idea for Halloween for boyfriends is to get them care bears. If you want to make your boyfriend happy then just buy one from the nearby toy store and let him see it before the day of Halloween.

7. Jewelry

One of the most versatile accessories is jewelry. Try this piece of creativity for your boyfriend and make his day even more beautiful!

8. A bottle of tart

Halloween is always fun to eat! To create a spooky basket for your boyfriend you can pack a bottle of pop tart. That will surely be a food moment for your boyfriend, which he will always remember.

9. Slime face paint

spooky basket for boyfriend

Did you know that you can make your boyfriend creepy looking with just a simple drop of slime? What is better than making him scary by applying this on his face? So, if you add this to the spooky basket for him, then he will surely love it.

10. A t-shirt with weird prints

If you are not sure what to put in the basket for boyfriends for Halloween, then you can buy one or you can create a Halloween-inspired t-shirt for them.

More Ideas for Spooky Basket for Boyfriend

11. Balloon panama pants

12. Pumpkin glow paint for night time kissing

13. Sultry jack o lantern candy eyes set

14. Mystery games you can play with your boyfriend

15. Witch spider ginger beer

16. Man bottle for his alcohol intake

17. Fake spider whisk

18. A jar of friendly blended flowers

19. Bowl of sticky rice candy

20. Beaded balaclava

In conclusion, you can make a weird basket for your boyfriend using the wonderful tips that we have suggested above. It will surely get your boyfriend excited and will put a smile on his face.

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