How to grow butt faster

How To Grow Butt Faster And Naturally: Simple And Easy Homemade Tips

Ideas from ladies who once had small size butt...

Having a small butt or waist can be very frustrating, especially as a fashionista. Your small butt may hinder you from wearing the kinds of clothes you desire and can also prevent you from looking and feeling your best. This is one of the reasons why the “what you ordered” vs “what you get” controversy is very common. We know that when it comes to clothing, body shape is very important. So, we talked to a few ladies who have experienced small butt to big butt sizes. Thus, in this article, expect to see how to grow butt faster. 

1. Ginger Powder + Vaseline + Fish Oil + Fenugreek oil 

how to grow butt faster

“I tried Ginger powder, with vaseline, fish oil, and fenugreek oil and I mixed them and used it every day for seven days. I have been struggling for a long time to grow my butt and this is the first thing that has helped me increase its size. Again,  the most interesting thing I noticed about it is that it does not have side effects. 

If you want to use this method to grow your butt. Look for a small plastic circular ice cream plate, pour a spoon of ginger powder inside, then add another spoon of vaseline, and mix properly before adding fish oil and fenugreek oil. After adding these two, then mix properly again. Massage your butt and hips every day and night till you get your desired result.”


  • Ginger powder aids in blood circulation.

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  • Vaseline naturally helps enlarge the butt and waist. 

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  • Fenugreek oil is a great massage oil for a big butt. 

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2. Vaseline + Olive oil + Ginger powder 

how to grow butt faster

“I used vaseline and olive oil with ginger powder to get a bigger butt within one month. Although, I don’t really believe this can happen but I tried it because the products to be used are natural. I mixed two ingredients with vaseline, virgin olive oil, and ginger powder and mixed the three properly. After I’m done mixing, I use it to massage my butt in a circular motion for 30 minutes and then go to bed. I do this twice a day for quick results.”


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3. Onions + Toothpaste + Olive oil 

how to grow butt faster

“The method I used to grow my butt from small to bigger size is very simple. I mixed grated onion, toothpaste, and olive oil together. After mixing properly, I used the mixture to massage my butt for 20 minutes, then leave it for another extra 30 minutes, to work before washing it. I do this every day and it worked.” 


This is exactly how to grow a butt faster and naturally.

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4. Food 

how to grow butt faster

“I started having a big butt when I started gaining weight. I noticed that my weight and butt increased, and this is a result of food. When I was slim, I didn’t usually eat. And now that I have added weight, and big butt/hips, it is because I eat more. I eat 4_5 times a day including at night and midnight. Also, I don’t just eat any kind of food. I make sure that proteins like chicken, egg, and meat are always present in my food because they help increase weight and butt. I believe having a big butt begins with having weight first. So, I suggest you buy packs of food in the house and buy kitchen equipment like a blender that will make cooking anything easy for you. You can get a big butt within a month if you try this.”


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Thank you for reading our article on How to grow big butt faster. I hope you find this helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to build a butt? 

According to Moyo, you can build a butt starting from 3 to 5 days. You will start to see improvement. Joy said she increased her butt with food within a month but because she wants it bigger, she hasn’t stopped. 

What can I apply to my buttocks to make it bigger? 

You can apply vaseline, olive oil, and ginger powder. 

What food makes your butt bigger? 

The best type of food to make your butt bigger is protein. Eat food that has protein like egg, chicken, or meat. 

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