45 Latest Ankara Styles For Classy Ladies

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If you are looking for Ankara styles that are classy, beautiful and up to date, it means this post is for you. I came across some of the best Styles for ladies around the internet and I think you will love them. You know, it always feel amazing to have a pair of attractive and trendy outfits as a fashionista. So, let’s move on to some of the best Ankara styles you should try and choose.

In this post, there are three sections where you will be privileged to view different variety of ankara fashions.

15 latest ankara long gown styles (hausa series)

Latest ankara styles

This section is the hausa series where you will be viewing different Ankara fashion that are mostly curated in the northern arenas. Do you know that when it comes to different types of ankara fashion, the hausas are the best? Yes! They have the best fashion designers that can curate classic yet modesty look for you. And guess what! it does not matter if you are not a northern or an Arewa lady, these styles will definitely look perfectly on any lady.

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10 ankara sexy long gowns

Latest ankara styles

In this section, you will have fun viewing long gowns that are different from the northern series by their looks. They are long but sexy in different ways and good for ladies who love racy fashion. These styles are a mixture of modesty and sexy.

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10 ankara short gown styles

Latest ankara styles

Here are couple of ankara styles that are short instead. They are perfect for ladies who love short outfits and are always bold to rock them. Also, they are naturally perfect for the girls who love to flaunt.

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10 Ankara Skirt Styles For Ladies

Latest ankara styles

If you want to use your ankara fabric to sew skirt, this is the perfect section for you. They are different types of styles you will love to see here.

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