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Getting To Reconcile With Your Ex: Here Is All You Need To Know

"The rise of broken seed"

Every break-up is unique, and it’s never easy to come to terms with the end of a relationship. For some people, the pain can be so strong that they decide not to try at all. But losing touch with an ex can lead to unfinished business between you two—and even more pain. The key is to know how to start over in a healthy way after months of breakup. This article will offer advice about what you should do if you’re trying to reconcile with your ex after months of breakup, what you should absolutely avoid doing, and how you can make sure your rekindled relationship lasts this time around.

reconcile with your ex

Don’t settle for less than you deserve

You can always put more effort into any relationship. Yes, you still love him but that does not mean you should settle for a lazy ex who’s still waiting for you to be the best version of yourself. You can’t love someone who doesn’t love you first, or who doesn’t value the sacrifices you’ve made for him or her. You deserve better.

Do not rush yourself

Before you even begin thinking about reconciling with your ex, you should be mentally prepared and psychologically ready for this challenge. Before that, you should be fully loaded on top of coping with your break-up. Your brain and heart need time to heal and reflect. They need to mature. Don’t rush things.

Pray for forgiveness

It’s very important to bring God into the mix. Pray to Him to strengthen your faith and make you stronger emotionally. Pray to him to give you the strength to face this challenge. And pray to him to protect you during your reconciliation period.

Know that you deserve the best

Be fully aware of the fact that the only person you should be making your decisions about is yourself. You’re free to move on and move in. You should be doing that, so make sure you’re doing it for yourself. Not your ex. No matter how much you loved him, it should never be more important than who you are.

Focus on how you feel

If you feel like you want to reconcile with your ex, don’t focus on negative thoughts. Let the power of positivity drown out all your negative thoughts.

Learn about yourself

What are the differences in your life that have resulted at the end of your relationship? Don’t make excuses for why you have chosen to reconcile with an ex, but find out why you made that decision in the first place. You might realize that you were in love and that this break-up is the last thing standing between you and happiness. Find out the true reasons that you reconciled with your ex and you might be surprised.

Give your ex the chance to show you that he changed

Think about the guy he was before your breakup. Is he still the same person? Does he respect you and cherish you the way you did? Ask yourself that question. Does he see you the way you see him? No excuses. Show him that you changed and that you deserve better.

Respect yourself

Be brutally honest with yourself. You are the most important person here, and no one can make you feel worse than yourself. Decide what it is that you really want and ask yourself, do I really want to reconcile with my ex? After ruminating on this, then, you can do it for yourself.

Be strong

Forgive yourself and take it one step at a time. Only you can decide how you’ll move on from this relationship.

Crying doesn’t help. Please. You’ll just make it harder for yourself. That’s the thing about every relationship: It’s always a learning experience. Forgive yourself for what you feel and do your best to come to terms with the situation. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Instead of wallowing in your sadness, let this lesson serve as a catalyst to a new life for you.

Allow space for some space

You need space, not a relapse. You can never see someone you are still emotionally attached to as an equal if he or she still doesn’t care about you in the same way. Give them space to recover and see how much they are willing to change. Be firm in your decision, and that’s the only way it will work. Don’t string your ex along. Don’t back down. Your gut feeling is the best thing you have when making decisions.

Let time heal the wounds

Love is a glorious emotion. It should not be taken for granted, but it also should not be abused. The longer you take to heal from the break-up, the more you must respect yourself, and the more you should respect the person you had the relationship with.

Think positive

Let the good memories remain fresh and true in your mind. Be happy with the memories you have of your ex. You should be okay with how the relationship ended. Embrace the new chapter of your life.

All relationships come to an end and it is better to remain, friends, than start a fight, and stay in a toxic friendship. Give it a chance, if both people want the relationship to continue, it should do.

What you want is someone to share your life with, someone who’s willing to do things with you. That person might not be your ex.

It does not end here. If you are here at the end of this article and you still feel like you need tricks to make your ex come back to you, click here to read details on how to win your ex back.

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