How To Start Okirika Business In Nigeria

To begin Okirika business is not a hazardous livelihood either as a man or a woman. Truth be told, people are wearing Okirika and it is everywhere. Some people cannot do without wearing okirika and some other ones blend Okirika with readymade.

Whichever one, your own is to sell. So how do you start? Before then, to know your fate in the business, we discussed why people are buying and wearing Okirika below.

Okirika market

Okirika is a second-hand type that has a specific look, smell, and nature of texture. It is a kind of wear that is worn by both men and women but common to women. This is because many ladies out there need more than one or two dozen clothes. They have to be able to wear different kinds of clothes and look good always for their men and the fact is, few clothes in wardrobe wouldn’t be enough. As for men, some of them buy okirika but it is not as intense as ladies do. So, generally, why do some men and women prefer to buy Okrika clothes?

It is cheap

This beautifully serves women and they are always loving it If you take 10,000 to the market for Okrika wears. You will buy loads of them and be happy about the new status of your wardrobe. This is unlike readymade that you may get one for the same amount. So, naturally, Okirika is cheap!

It is peculiar to some of them

It occurred that some men and women buy Okirika because it bestows them their best look. In terms of fashion, modeling, and more. For instance, getting crazy denim, a crazy checker, and more. Another example is the nature of the outfit. For instance, an okirika jean cannot be compared to readymade jean. But it is only a fashion monger that knows this.

So this is you thinking of how to start an Okirika business especially In Ibadan, Nigeria. No qualms! You are at the right place. Here is how to begin your Okirika business in Nigeria.

1) Be a first-class wearer of Okirika

The first thing you should note if you want to start the Okrika business is that you must be wearing it. You must be a first-class wearer of Okirika. Without that, you may not be able to understand the tactics of buying and selling Okrika. Why would you even venture into what you do not wear and also have the guts to sell to people? That is not possible! So this is an assurance that you wear okirika too. Good. Thumbs up for just you! On the other end, if you do not wear Okirika but you have heard people talk about the advantage of selling Okrika and you want to sell to. The first step is to start wearing it.

2) Know where to buy (Okrika market)

There is no way you can start the Okirika business if you do not know about the market. Some states have a specific market they call the home of Okirika where you can get to buy as many and cheap as possible. The reason why you have to note this is because, although you may be a wearer of Okrika but someone who buys from people that sell at roadsides. This is not going to be an advantage for you because every opportunity you will get in the market can ever be gotten from the ones at the roadsides. If you are Ibadan resident, Dugbe is the biggest and only market for Okirika. Whatever outfit you want is there.

3) Perfect yourself in price bargaining.

Okirika is cheap. No doubt! But if you do not train yourself to bargain for a specific price, you will buy 200 naira wear for 800naira. And do not forget you want to start selling it and profit is the key. Getting rich on your mind. (Wink). However, you should learn how to price to your taste and always remember what your profit. Here is a simple tactic to price and bargain okirika wears as a seller.

4) Choose a specific okirika outfit

You have to delete the thoughts that you will buy and sell every okirika outfits that you see. This will be a shortage for you and you may not benefit from it as you expected. The fact is sticking to one or two outfits in Okirika has advantages. For instance, if you want to sell denim, understand it and always go straight to where they sell denim. If you want to sell material pants, be sure about it and you may decide it is chiffon tops and oversized shirts that you want to be selling. You will enjoy that rapidly both in terms of profit, and less stress.

5) Understand the taste of your audience

Okrika is full of wears that are out of it and do not look fashionable or stylish. If you are the type that does not understand what ladies want out there, you will buy no-go-area wears and no one will patronize you since they do not like what you sell.

6) Learn how to refurbish your outfits

The point describes marketing. You have to learn how to market what you sell and before that you have to learn how to package those wears you want to sell. After getting your denim shirt at the market, take it home, wash if you have the strength (not necessary), and iron it. The next thing is to have a good shot of it. Lay your outfit down on a lovely couch or floor and add some beautiful flowers beside it or captivating things like your lovely heels or bag just to attract your audience. If you do not have a good background, make use of canva. Use canva to design and remove your old background. Eventually, your denim shirt will look very good.

7) Market your product

After packaging it, send it out to people to see including your price. Market, market, market, and you will be rich just in few days.

Okirika is a good and lucrative business to do in Nigeria because it is very cheap especially if you buy in bale. A 200 naira wear could be sold for 1000 naira and above depending on how equipped and learned you are in the business. Therefore, if you want to start an Okrika business in Nigeria, just follow these procedures. Can’t wait to see you become a millionaire in a few days.

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