how to wear and style long skirts

These Fashion Stars Brightened Long Skirts With Their Stylish Combo

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Truth be told, long skirts are not really ladies’ things in terms of fashion. Many girls feel long skirts cannot be as fashionable as short skirts and there is no way they can be styled stylishly. At least, 80 percent of them have this notion. And this is because the nature of skirts, how most of them look like, demands it. Some skirts look so long and old in style but, they are the favorite of some girls, mainly the fashion stars. However, if you happen to change your mind about long skirts, or you have one you have been keeping in your closet that you feel is high time you wore, then we got you! In this article, we will teach you how to style long skirts through the looks of:

Fashion Stars Who Styled Long Skirts perfectly.

These fashion stars have made us realize that long skirts are still in style in 2021, trending and shifting from their stereotypes. And no matter how long a skirt is, it can be styled stylishly even than a short skirt. So,

Here are all the ways you can style your long skirt:

how to style long skirts

Take high heels as easy route

The first item to note about styling long skirts is high heels. Heels are very important when styling your long skirt and irrespective of whichever top you combine with your long skirt, heels are the main deal. Add it to elevate the nature of the skirt and pull up your dressing.


For how to style long skirts, you should mind your tops

Wear comfortable and nice tops with your long skirt. This will bring out the beauty of wearing a long skirt. If you are attending a formal event, you can let your long skirt be a flowing midi or maxi skirt and pair it with a very befitting shirt or top. Thus, you can pair a shirt, a sleeveless top, or a sweat outfit with your long skirt.


Long skirt paired with a sleeveless top

how to style long skirts
how to style long skirts

This is how to style full length skirts

Hint: If you are attending a formal party, go all out with an elaborate skirt in bright prints and make sure to keep your accessories minimal. Wear your black heels and a statement necklace.


Make it simple but classy!

More ideas on how to style long skirts

  • Pair your long skirt with a printed shirt and white sneakers to turn up the drama.
  • Make it modern by giving it a twist. Wear it with a pair of oversized denim jeans and let your hairstyle do the talking.

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