The Pride In Every Man: This is How Women Can Deal with it

They show their pride everywhere, to anybody, and anytime. They just want to be men and they feel they are subordinate if they are not. More so, society will frown at them; so, they want you to regard them, respect their presence, their love, and the times they spend with you. 

You as a woman, you are just you, filling the space of a woman the little way you can, endeavoring to meet up with necessities of your life and at the same trying to satisfy your spouse. Either during courtship or after marriage, shit happens and this gets on women nerves a lot. A situation when you are asked to do something by your spouse and you couldn’t as a result of nature or when your spouse doesn’t want you to do this or that, the situation gives you a headache. Oh! Calm down, this is how you can deal with it. 

Be yourself 

The pride within your man that you detest cannot exit, no matter your trial. But you can deal with it by being yourself. Irrespective of whatever he does, let him know this is you and you can’t hide that. Make sure you do what you can do and leave the rest. The secret is, it is up to him; if he notices that you are too adamant to your words, he will eventually consider your thoughts and decisions. Every relationship needs this to grow. 

Be productive

Men respect women that contribute to the well-being of a relationship in terms of knowledge, money, or action. Although, deep in their minds, they don’t want you to override them financially, academically and the likes but at the same time, they don’t buy the idea of dating a hunchback woman who can ever be independent for once. 

As a productive woman, your husband sees you and abate his pride just because he cherishes your personality and love that he is dating or married a woman like you.

Do not try to be harsh

Men’s pride levels up if you kindle it with disrespectful returns of words. If he gets on your nerves, don’t raise the alarm just the way he raises his’. The best thing is to let him understand that you appreciate him and will love to always be with him. Calm him down with words, discuss with him, and let me understand the only way out or other options. 

Men are who they are and they can’t cease to halt their pride for any damn reason. But the gear to control their pride is right there in your hands. Implement it like a pro. Wishing you the best of luck!! 

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