10 Signs You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships are beautiful and romantic, but the drama that comes with it, sometimes is unavoidable.

Being in a toxic relationship can be mentally wrecking, yet the sad truth is that a lot of people do not even know that they are.
There are so many things that make up a beautiful and healthy union. The respect, the loyalty, the good communication between both of them are just a few out of the things that makes love beautiful.

Funny enough, there is a thin line between a healthy relationship and one that is not because the affected party is always being blinded by too much love and admiration for their partners.

How do you know that your relationship is unhealthy?

Toxic relationship

1.The respect : There is no form of respect for you in a toxic relationship and that is the defining factor of unhealthy. He or she doesn’t respect your ideas, opinions, feelings, way of life and every other things that is associated with you.

2.The competition: Competitions between couples are okay when it’s a healthy one aimed at making you both better persons. But when your partners chase becomes “ I want to be better than you” instead of “ I want to be a better person for you” , then you can be sure that you are with the wrong person.

3.Being uncomfortable in their presence: It’s funny how you feel uncomfortable and nervous whenever you are with your partner. You are entitled to all sense of freedom when you are with them. And if it’s not easy being yourself in their presence, that means they may be someone who judge you for who you are. That’s not who you deserve.

4.The disloyalty signal: When your partner tells a lie to cover up something they have done, there’s always a doubt button that clicks in your head. You may be very wrong sometimes though. But when the button starts to click too often, then something needs to be checked.

5.They are not supporting you: What’s a relationship without support for each other? Love is accompanied with so much support for each other. Remember this saying “ there’s love in sharing” ? There is more love when you both show immense support for each other too. So if they are not supporting you, they are probably not into you .

6.Verbal and Physical abuse: If he or she constantly insults and beats you up, then it’s time to leave. Beating your partners up is a total display of cowardice. Now, no one wants to be with a coward.

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7.You just never do anything right: Once you start to notice that your beauty doesn’t appeal to them anymore . Your cute handsome smile doesn’t look that way to them again. You showing up doesn’t spark up something in them like before and you just never seem to do anything right. Then, they’ve fallen out of love with you. And trying so hard to force things is very unhealthy for your mental health.

8.Underrating your knowledge of their decisions: A healthy relationship should have no secrets. You deserve to know about their big decisions. Since you both are in a relationship, any decision they make automatically affects both of you. And if they are making a decision without your knowledge, they are putting you in the dark.

9.You are putting all the effort: A beautiful relationship occurs between two people who are willing to make them work. You can’t keep pouring all the honey in a jar and the other person keeps drinking it up. If a relationship has to be healthy, then you’ve got to stop doing the work alone.

10.Stepping the boundaries of jealousy: Being a jealous partner can be cute when it’s not excessive. But it becomes toxic when they don’t even give them the chance to be relate with the opposite gender .
I really hope you found this helpful.

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