8 Things Every Man Wants in a Relationship (That all Women Should Know)


The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let come in”.—Morrie Schwartz

Every relationship is metaphorically a trade that strictly involves bartering of actions from both sides—men and women. As a woman, your man expects you to do some things for him just like you expect him to do for you. Failure to do them is equal to argument and more. So, how can you fix this? Be informed that your man will never say these things to you, but he wants them. So you just have to figure it out on your own and here you are, reading this outline of 8 things every man wants in a relationship. These are things they can’t deny too unless they want to deliberately make it bogus. Well, this is for you as a woman struggling with your relationship upkeep. Let’s leave men out of this (wink) let’s dig in. 

Truth and Integrity

One bitter truth is both men and women want this in a relationship but men nourish it more. Or could there be someone out there who doesn’t want this from a spouse? It is a capital NO. However, the point is men want this more. Why? Because, they find it hard to be with a woman who lies now and then. Who describes A instead of B, who regards C as D especially when it comes to the issue of their gender. They want you to be truthful and just take that!   
Also, they find it hard to resist women whose integrity isn’t alive to hold or build a relationship. Men don’t harbor women who have side chicks; all they want is to have the whole of you, they don’t like the word ‘share’ when it comes to their women. So, your man wants you to be only for him. He wants you to submit the whole of your body to him, want you to tell that phrase—‘I love you’  to him and not to any other damn guy.
Truth be told—men are boss in having side chicks but even at that, they will never take it. The funniest thing about this is that in a relationship if your man has a side chick and he knows you know, he doesn’t care. All he wants and thinks he deserves is your honesty. He will never accept what he does from you just because you are a woman. Weird right? Trust me, that’s how men are, no one can dispute that. 


Love and Admiration

The way you feel when your man kisses your forehead;  buys super nice things for you, occupies your days with loads of surprises, takes you out to shop, cuddle you,  your outfit, your look is exactly how your man will feel when you show him love and admires even the worst part of him. Your man, of course, may not want your money but he wants your affection. He loves to see him in your eyes, in your smiles, thoughts, and emotions. 
Your man will feel like the only living soul if you commend his look, admire his outfits, the way he speaks, acts, and does his things. Believe me, he will always feel on top of the world when you do this to him. 
A man wouldn’t tell you this, but he wants it. He wants you to surprise him with gifts to show love to him just like he does to you. If you are short of cash (which you can’t be all the time), try and show him love using other means like preparing his delicacy for him, writing him a poem, kiss him publicly, pat his forehead or any other sweet thing. 
If you fail to invest part of your time to this, you will be the most ever boring woman to him. Better still, he wouldn’t feel you as the sugar in his tea although, he may say this to you all the time.    
Men want these, they want what they do for you in return. It is up to you to rekindle your man’s heart.

Romance and Sex

Right from the beginning of listing these points, many would have thought this point which happens to be number 6 and 7 on this list will be the first. Sorry about the disappointment. It had to be that way because you have to know everything is not just about sex, men want more…. Nevertheless, they can’t afford to miss this part. No argument! 
Irrespective of how lenient or innocent a man looks or act, don’t ever use that to determine his desire for sex—everything is a scam.(smiles) Research suggests that “men have higher sexual desire than women.” (1) Thus, no man would ever deny the fact that he wants sex in a relationship. The only difference is that few of them can still deal with it.
However, you should literarily allow this with your man unless you both agree to abstain and to be frank, this could be just for a little period. 
Hint: if you don’t want to have sex, don’t bother to start a relationship.

Men love sex and they want you, as a woman to be aware. Perhaps, it is hard for them to tell you that they love or want sex. All they know is you should allow them to touch you, start a romance, and go deep. What else?

Hint: men naturally love it when you arouse them when you start the sex game yourself. It is like a dream come true.


Men naturally want their women to respect them. They clamor for the stereotypical respect of society believe as a man, they worth to be respected and as a result, you as a wife or spouse have to respect your man because he is a man. They love proving macho and do not want to be subordinate but they love it when you do that. Therefore, being submissive is a sign of respect, and respect for men equals love. If you want to be submissive, this are few things to follow

  • Submit to most of his decisions. If he says this is how it should be, respect it and go ahead with it

Hint: you may submit to your man’s decisions but please don’t let it get into your head. They tend to misuse it sometimes. #fact

  • Don’t insult him. Insulting him is like peppering his eyes. Men detest this a lot
  • Be thankful when he surprises you or buy nice things for you. Show him you appreciate all he does
  • Always commend his plans. He would so love that!

Financial License

The paradoxical phrase, “money is the root of all evil” is the best phrase that can explain men’s state of mind when it comes to financing in relationships. The truth is they act abnormally when it comes to this but as a woman, you have to learn financial practices in a relationship. 
It has been observed that men do not want a financially dependent woman. They want women who have their job because they do not want you to frustrate their life in terms of money. 
At the same time, men don’t like it if you do not ask them for money, they feel they are useless to you. So, they want you to request money but not all the time. 
The point here is that men want you to accept and appreciate it when they give you. They want you to request money but not all the time and don’t depend solely on them. They find it so frustrating; the remedy is to give them the license to do what they have to do.  
Every relationship deserves to be busy with a touch of love; this could only happen when both sides do the needful. As a woman, it is advisable to seek your man’s wants and do the best for him. Life is love!!
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