Indomie Noodles In Nigeria And Steps To Cook It

Begin to cook it the right way.

If you are like me, you will detest soft or mushy Indomie Noodles with passion. Gosh! They taste like bread that has been soaked in water for a long period. I think some people like it that way but I am not one of them and I am sure you aren’t too. That’s why you are here. Thumbs up! There are different kinds of noodles in Nigeria and In this article, you will learn how to cook any kind of Noodles irrespective of the brand.

Everyone knows that Indomie Noodles is categorized among the simplest food to make in Nigeria. But then, it is difficult to cook perfectly well just as simple as it is believed to be. You might not know until you experience bad Indomie Noodles Cooked for you. Lolz!

To cook dry Instant Indomie Noodles and avoid making it have too much water. Below are:

5 Simple Steps To Avoid Your Indomie Noodles From Getting Soaked.

1. Understand The Type Of Your Indomie Noodles

There are different types of Indomie Noodles in Nigeria. Do you want to talk about Indomie Jollof, Chicken Flavour, Indomie Oriental, or Onion Chicken? We have many of them available to buy and cook. However, as a love of noodles, you should figure out the best Indomie for you. This is where you have to start to avoid cooking Indomie you do not like its sauce. More so, not every type of Indomie is liked by everyone due to some reasons well known to them. So, it is better to understand the nature of the Indomie you want to cook as the number one step because some of them are already soft with cooking. This will guide you on the quantity of water you should put on fire

2. Put Small Quantity Of Water On Fire

The quantity of water to put on fire for your well-cooked Indomie Noodles depends on your Indomie. If it is the hard type of indomie (e.g Indomitable), add more water. Not that much but a little different from the ones that are already soft (Chicken flavor). This step has a lot to do when you are cooking your Indomie. It is this part that will tell if your Indomie will be soaked or not. Also, your Indomie will be good-looking if you make sure the water is not too small too. The reason is that adding water to it little by little can also make it too soft. The best thing is to make sure the water is enough and exact. I promise you will have delicious Indomie Noodles

3. Little Quantity Of Groundnut Oil, Pepper, And The Noodles Sauce

After you have put the water on the fire, add whatever sauce you love to add to it. Do this before you add your Noodles so that you will be able to stir as much as you want. Also, make sure you add your oil to make it look good.

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4. Allow It To Get Boiled Before You Add Your Noodles

Do not make this mistake ever because if your water hasn’t gotten boiled and you add your Noodles, it will soak, no doubt! So, be patient, allow it to get boiled and it may not even take up to 5 minutes if the Noodles are not much.

5. Stir Not More Than Twice

By the time you add your Indomie, avoid stirring continuously or frequently. Your Noodles will not end up good the way you wish. So stir gently and cover it.

6. Open After Few Minutes

After a few minutes, open it and check if the water is dry. If it is dry and your noodles are cooked, it means it’s time to eat. If otherwise and your Noodles is still hard, it means you have to add a very small quantity of water to make it a little bit soft.

7. Your Indomie Noodles Is Ready

How to avoid cooking Indomie Noodies that is watery

After following the above steps, you will not have any cause to eat soaked Noodles again and you will never serve your visitor waterish or too soft noodles. Smiles

To cook dry Indomie Noodles in Nigeria or anywhere is not a difficult thing to do. At the same time, if these steps are not followed, there is a high probability that your Indomie will get soaked and will not taste good as you expected. Come back here if you try this and it worked.

Also, indomie noodles are nutritious and family food that can be eaten by all ages. Parents can help their kids feel like one big family with it because it makes everybody eat together. So, it is always nice to have a pack or packs of indomie noodles at home as it will not only make you rest assured that you have fast food at home but also promote family bonding. To get indomie noodles, simply click here to get any of your choice and sizes.

Happy noodles moment!

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