The Big Signs He Loves You (His Secret Feelings Revealed)

I love him! Does he love me too?

Are you worried and concerned about this guy in your life whom you have feelings for but you are not sure he is in love with you too? Love is a game! I hope you know that and this is why you need to master the signs he loves you.

To know if he truly loves you is a 50-50 game. He may love you just like you love him and he may not even be in your shoes at all. But, if he loves you, how will you know and what are the signs he loves you? There are big signs that I will call magnetic actions that will make you dissolve his secret feelings for you. These signs will be listed below and if the guy in question acts as it is written below, just be secretly happy! He is in love with you! In fact, he loves you more than anything.

The Surest Signs He Loves You

1)He Misses You Often

If you are confused. What does a man do when he loves a lady? One of them is ‘calling often’ to show that he misses you. However, not every guy you know will miss you like he does and this is a good signal to know how much he loves you. If you notice his consistent calling, request for video calls, and messages, he loves you no doubt.

Not every man misses their woman but the one they truly love is special. They miss her and cannot escape calling her in just two days no matter how busy their schedule.

2)He Listens To You and Remember You

The difference between a man who loves you and who does not is clear with the level of attention. Apparently, you love him and if you are bothered, you may love to chat with him just to relieve yourself from the stress of unhappiness. If you do, and he pays strict attention, and also go ahead to find a true solution to your botherness, it’s a sign that he loves you. No man directs his attention profoundly on a woman he does not have feelings for. You could test him by not asking him about the matter again and see if he will not remind you about it. After all, you are his favorite and all he does is, think about you.

3)He Looks At Your Face With Desires

This is not your regular kind of eye contact when you discuss serious issues in class or at conferences. This is an erotic kind of look. Although, because he does not want you to know yet, he would not maintain eye contact with you because he believes you will get him. So, instead of maintaining eye contact with you, he will look at you with a titillating eye and smile within. This is love! Even if you do not see him at all, this is how he looks at your pictures.

4)Signs He Loves You: He Cares For You

This guy has not told you he loves you, but he treats you like his family. What else could be called love? This ‘care’ is beyond sending you money so you can have s3x with him because this is the common rule now I think. (Give and I give too) Lolz. Anyways, a man who secretly loves you can’t be caring for you because of s3x. He would rather show up and let you know immediately. Such men do not hide s3x feelings. For the man who loves you, he truly cares for you and you will always feel this special care no matter what.

5)He Calls You Special Names/name

If you have that man that has never told you he loves you yet, he calls you special names. Put your doubt aside, he is certainly in love with you. A man who does not love you has no reason to maintain a special name he will be calling you. He can only call you your pen name and this is a general name not unique to his heart. This kind of name could be a name he formed in your name or otherwise. The important message about this name is that it is dear to his heart. Most times, such men give the woman they love a special name because they want to make sure they create a special presence in the heart of the lady that no other man would have.

6)He Reacts When He Sees other Men With You

How does he look when you talk about other men or when you chat and laugh with other men? If you are the type that greet men with a hug, study their reaction and see if it does not hurt them. Some men are good pretenders but the more you get closer to other guys, the more he is likely to end up reacting. Oh, la la. A man who does not love you does not get jealous because he has no business with you. If otherwise he will definitely get jealous and this is a sign. (Not the biggest though)

7)Signs He Loves You: He Sits You Down for his Future Plan

Has he been discussing his schedules with you? How he would love to plan for his next meeting and more? This is a big sign! It means he remembers you in all that he does. However, if he loves you, he will not only sit you down for his own schedule but also makes sure he knows about yours too.

8)He Often Jokingly Talks About His favorite Part in you

Every lover has their favorite part in their partner. It may not be the main priority for loving him/her but it is part of these signals that we have been talking about. He could be your nose, your fingers, your legs, your weight or your long hair. Whatever it is, he loves in your body, he will always talk about it positively to you and this could make you blush.

9)His Kind of Text Messages

A man also expresses his love through text messages. His diction, use of words are very important and are part of the signals we have been talking about. Also, when it is so common of him to start conversations between him and you and use love emojis, it is a sign!

There are common reasons why some men love secretly and refuse to tell the lady. So, if this guy does all the listed love signs above and he is refusing to tell you he loves you, it could be because of any of the following reasons

  • He is not bold enough to face you.
  • He is scared you and him have been friends for long and friendship already turned family.
  • He is probably waiting for the right time
  • He has few friends stopping and discouraging him.
  • He is worried you may be too beautiful for him and regard you as a boss.
  • He does not have money and not ready to spend the little he has.

If you notice these love signs listed above and you notice and you identify one of the reasons above as why he could be refusing to tell you he loves you, you can make a move and everything will be alright.

Thanks for reading! Is there any challenge you have regards these signs or have you noticed any in the man you have in mind lately? Let’s have your comments below.

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