8 Types Of Men Women Easily Get Attracted To

Every woman is on this table of attraction

Do you ever wonder why there is some types of men women find attractive and want to be with? Do some women love being with you? For the single guys, do you wonder why you have always been rejected? Some men use to say proudly that “no matter how adamant or strict a lady is, she will eventually fall into their arms.” They are not in any way mistaken because there are reasons behind it. The chemistry that normally happens between a woman and a man does not happen out of a vacuum, some things led to it. So if you are the man A who happens to be fortunate around thousands of women who like you or you are the man C who often boast of how women accept your moves easily, you should understand it does not come easily, but by some attractive magnets or signals within you. In this article, you will read:

• Some of the personalities men have; and what women find attractive in men.

This article is for men/guys who feel sad about women/ladies not coming to them or show love to them. It is also for men/guys who get women’s attention easily. Also, for ladies who do not understand the reason why they keep liking their current man. Whichever category you find yourself in,  this article will tell you the reasons why.

8 Types Of Guys Ladies Get Attracted To

The Socialites

Women love men who do not preclude themselves from society and its culture. By society and culture, I mean the modern ways of life that youths have regarded as “normal.” Examples of these are being part of the social media cruise, going to the Jim, participating in student activities in college, showcasing yourself as a fashion person, and more. For any man who does this, one way or the other, he is not going to be alone and friendless. Also, most of his friends wouldn’t be same as his gender but females because ladies easily attach themselves to these kinds of men. These kinds of men are the “hegemonic.” The modernized men who follow the principles and culture of modernity.

Types of men women find attracive: The Players

Do not be surprised that women easily fall in love with men whose love for them is bogus. For this situation, women cannot be blamed because these men players understand how to play their games well. They are men who have psychologically studied how women’s feelings towards men grow and they are good at using it to capture women at their very best. Men in this category are perfect at getting into women. They know when to buy them gifts when to give them a call, and the inappropriate time to call (so they won’t dare call). They also know the kind of conversations to bring up when they are together and about the “I love you” phrase that works like fire, they know when it is time to say it to capture their heart. These set of men make sure they do not miss their way to getting into her hands. So, they make her fall in love even if she never did from the start. The men players at so wise that they understand what name to call a woman.

Good-looking Men

No lady is interested to date an ugly guy and this is the truth. Some attitudes are very popular among girls and it is called showing off. Ladies love bragging about their men and because of this, they are so particular about the nature of his face. How does he look? Does he have nice lips, or is it pink? How about his nose, eyeballs? So, when a lady sees a man who answers her psyche questions about a man’s look, she may like the man. The next thing she starts to think about is how they can be friends and if possible start a relationship so that by the time her friends are opportune to see her man, they will admire him. The face is a crucial part of a man that women love so high. Mind you, every woman is on this table irrespective of how beautiful, religious, crazy, strict she is. It is called a natural calling!

The Jovial Men

Have you ever met the kind of men in this category? You should meet them one of these days and see if you will not like them. Funny men will make you laugh to tears and smiling is what brings joy for girls. The more you make a lady smile, the more she likes you. These kinds of men do not laugh like you do when they talk hilariously, they will just behave like it is not funny and move ahead with their conversations. Before you know it, as one of the ladies who normally sit around him whenever he makes his stylish sweet funny prank, you will start to like him. As the man in question, if you talk to her and she accepts, you should understand that your pranks are not silly but messiah.

Well-dressed Men

Men on this table are dapper, even if they do not have more than 5 tops and 2/3 trousers, they know how to look stylish. Their situation never affects the way they dress and this is what girls in town cherish. The journey of a good-looking man starts from his dressing. However, this personality is very good for men because girls are in love with men who look dapper and know how to shake ladies tables.

Courageous Men

This is one of the personalities of men that women like but few men have. Ladies do not give a damn about men who are too lenient to talk boldly in front of a crowd. As a man, if you act like a coward because you love a woman, you will not be able to drive her crazy. To get into her, you have to be bold and this will help you showcase and take bold steps to get her.

Types of men women find attractive: The Sweet Talkers

They are in a little way akin to the men players. What makes their differences is the use of words. Men in this category are like poets and some of them are actually poets. They know how to put words together for ladies while looking closely into her eyes or otherwise. So, when ladies meet these kinds of men, they easily like them because the words they use are very powerful. Although men in this category could be real sometimes. It depends!

The Rich Men Circle

Money is the engine that drives the world economy

Danny Dover

When a guy has money, every other thing is a side thing for him. He can drive the latest car, buy quality clothes, good shoes, and also has the most beautiful lady by his side. Ladies do not joke with men that have money irrespective of how they look. This is why you can hardly find rich single men. It is not possible unless he just wants to remain that way for some reasons well known to him. The saying that “money is the root of all evils” is not a lie because money is always the root of fake love sometimes. Women normally end up with men they do not love because of the money he has. So, even if he does not have the above seven characteristics of a man, in as much as he has money, he will date as many as possible ladies he wants because ladies will always look at his side.

There is no way a woman will wake up one day to develop feelings for you. Some of your personalities or one peculiar personality of you led her to your way. So, if you are not any of the type of guys above, it may be one of the reasons why you are missing your road to a woman’s heart. On the other end, if you are one or two of the above mentioned personalities of men, you will always find woman who loves you for it.

Dear ladies out there, which among these types of men is your spec?

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